10 Ways to Increase Your Height


Height plays a major role in the appearance of a person. Whether you like it or not, people tend to judge a person more on how they look. As such, taller people always have an advantage and literally an upper hand over people who are short. Studies have shown how taller people attract more friends, employment opportunities, and basically, the good life.

Hence, taller people end up being more successful. That’s not to say that people who are short are unsuccessful, but, somehow they are never taken seriously and are mostly overlooked.

As a short person, you may have faced and seen how your taller friends or colleagues are always favored over you. It may be frustrating at times, and for some people it can affect their self-confidence and self-esteem. But, you no longer have to live with your short stature any more. Scientists have successfully researched ways and things that can be done to increase height even after adolescence.

You may not be aware, but, about 20% of the body’s height depends on your activities, diet and environment. Hence, increasing height has a lot to do with the way you eat, sleep, sit, drink and exercise. By following the methods mentioned below, you’ll definitely notice a significant difference in your height by about two to three inches at least.

#1-Sleep Well

Your body grows and regenerates tissues while you rest. The Human Growth Hormone is produced naturally in your body when you are sound asleep. Hence, ensure that you get the required eight to nine hours of sleep. If you must, change your mattress and pillows to enhance the quality of your sleep. Also, taking a warm water bath and having a glass of warm milk just before going to bed is known to induce sleep.

If you work through the night, and need to sleep during the day, get dark curtains in your room to block the daylight and give an effect of night. No matter what you do, try and get your beauty sleep every single day.


#2-Try Exercises and Sports

Being physically fit and active will enhance your height. When you’re physically active, your body will require proper nutrients, hence, increasing the intake of healthy foods that help in growing.

Playing sports like tennis, basketball, football and indulging in sporting activities like aerobics, skipping, or swimming is another great way to increase your height. Doing a couple of stretching exercises will also help you achieve the height that you want.

#3-Indulge in Yoga

A relatively less strenuous activity, yoga is a great way to improve your height naturally. Specific poses in yoga help release growth inducing hormones in the body. The stretching exercises that are a part of yoga help in strengthening the muscles and improving the posture of your body. All this together, contribute in improving your height.

#4-Maintain Good Posture

Posture is another factor that affects your height. Regular things like sitting and walking upright with shoulders firmly behind and chin up are some ways in which you can improve your posture. Your spine needs to be straight at all times. Always make a conscious effort not to stoop or droop forward while standing or sitting. By maintaining a good posture, you’ll automatically look and feel taller.

#5-Eat Well-balanced Meals

Including essential vitamins and minerals in your daily diet will also help you grow a few inches taller. It will also help make your immune system stronger. Ensure that your breakfast, lunch and dinner has a healthy mix of proteins, Vitamin D, zinc, calcium, Vitamin C, carbohydrates, and good fats.

#6-Increase the Number of Meals

Instead of combining all your nutrients in three meals, try and have six smaller meals. This will boost your metabolism. A lot depends on what and when you eat. Proper food habits will ensure that a good quantity of Human Growth Hormones are produced in your body, which are responsible for increasing your height.

#7-Human Growth Hormones Supplements

Many people resort to taking these supplements. They are also available as injections. If you wish, you could try them as well. However, it’d be advisable to speak to your physician regarding any side-effects before you start taking these supplements on your own.

Your physician will be able to guide you regarding the recommended dose, for how long you need to take them, and if it’ll really help in your case. These supplements don’t have the same effect on everyone, so, knowing what it can do to your height is very important.

#8-Limb Lengthening Surgery

Not a very popular option, nevertheless, it is one of the ways to increase height. The surgery involves cutting a piece of bone from another part of the body to use it to attach to your leg bones. This method is expensive and comes with its share of risks. Bed rest will be advised for a long time, and a lot of care and precautions need to be taken.

However, if you must consider this, then discussing all the pros and cons with your physician as well as your family will help you make an informed decision. If at all, it needs to be your last option.

#9-Height Increasing Shoes

If you’re not able to exercise and eat healthy, then height increasing shoes offer instant height gain. They have been medically-tested and are quite comfortable. These shoes are definitely a better option than supplements or surgery.

#10-Breathing Effectively

You may find this surprising, but, breathing properly means sufficient intake of oxygen in your body. Oxygen helps stimulate growth. Deep breathing is extremely effective, while shallow breathing doesn’t help at all. In fact, it stunts growth. Do deep breathing exercises daily to ensure that you grow a bit taller.

You need to be aware that your height largely depends on your genes. That being said, it’s not necessary that if your parents are short, then you’ll be short too. Same goes with tall parents; it doesn’t indicate that you’ll be tall. However, if most people in your family are short, then your odds of being shorter are higher.

While wanting to be taller and wishing you were as tall as your friend is good, you need to understand that the results will differ from person to person.

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