3 Highly Effective Height Increasing Exercises


Some people are very concerned about their height and it affects them a lot on how they relate with other people. People think and formulate a lot about ways on how to get taller. However, there is no need to panic or worry anymore about ways to increase height because there are now exercises to increase height that has been proven effective by experts.

It is important to note that an exercise to increase height will only be effective if it is carefully executed.  Height increase exercises are designed to improve posture and boost the body’s ability to release high levels of growth hormone for increasing height. Examples of height increasing exercises include aerobic activities that are high intensity such as cycling, jogging, sprinting, or swimming. By doing these exercises to increase height, the body’s ability to enhance the production of growth hormones can be increased.

Stretching is also a form of an exercise to increase height. It is low impact in nature, but is highly effective in producing the results that one wants when it comes to increasing height. Stretching aims to replicate the conditions in resistance- based exercises to increase height like weight lifting and resistance training. Stretching results in having stronger back muscles as well as abdominal muscles.

Some people may ask about the connection of strong back and abdominal muscles to increase in height. Experts believe that stronger muscles are the secret to lessening the compression that is found in between invertebral discs. This results in thicker cartilage that is found in the spinal column which in turn leads to a lengthier spinal column. Thus, height is increased the natural way.  The best manner to maximize the effects of stretching to body height is to make sure that your stretching exercises engage your body in a full range of motion. This prepares the rest of your body to the impending increase in height and makes your body highly-responsive to growth.

Pelvic Floor Exercises

This is a classic exercise and little do people know that this is a great way to increase one’s height. It targets the spine and hips and stretches the muscles around that area. Lay on your back with shoulders and arms firmly on the floor. Bend your knees and put your feet as close to your buttocks as possible. Arch your back and thrust your pelvis upward. Hold this position for at least 10 to 15 seconds and then slowly pull down your pelvis. Repeat this process and if you want to add more challenge to your height increasing exercises, try to hold the position for a longer period from 20 to 30 seconds.  You should feel the stretch around your hip area.


Alternate Leg Kick

The alternate leg kick height increasing exercise is better described as a dry land swim stretch. It is as simple as doing the classic freestyle swim stroke except that you are not in the water, but you are stationary on the floor.  This height increasing exercise puts the spotlight on the lower back. Lie down on your stomach on the floor and extend your body fully with your arms in front of you, palms touching the floor. Raise your right arm higher than the left arm then lift your left leg from the ground as much as you can until you feel the stretch. Hold this position for at least five seconds and then gently lower your left leg and right arm, while slowly raising your right leg and left arm. Hold this position once again for five seconds and then switch.  Repeat the process until you hold the positions for a total of thirty seconds.  For those who like challenges, attach weights on your ankles or wrists to add resistance.

Hanging Stretch

Gravity is one of the most inevitable forces on earth that people cannot fight during their everyday routine. This means that sometimes, our body just suffers from the unavoidable force that compresses joints, cartilages, and spine, thus making the body shorter over time.  Hanging stretch exercises combat this by letting the lower half of the body stretch out and lessen the tension found on the spine. Just simply find a horizontal bar that is high enough so that it can allow the rest of your body to stretch down.  Grasp the horizontal bar while making sure that your palms face in front with your thumbs almost touching each other.  While you hang on the bar, do not tense any part of your body. Just let gravity work for you and not against you. Do this for 15 to 30 seconds and then rest. Repeat it a few more times until you feel a slight stretch in your body. You may also challenge yourself by adding weights on your ankles.


Always remember that as with any exercise, height increasing exercises should always be executed with lots of care. Make sure that you warm up and you cool down after your height increasing exercise session. Always consult a trainer for the right positions and talk to your doctor about your exercise routine for increasing your height.

Start your height increasing exercises slowly at first and then increase the intensity when you are ready to do so. Exercises are a natural way to increase your height. It also boosts the growth hormone in your body. Therefore make sure that you incorporate these three height increasing exercises in your daily routine.

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