Benefits of Increasing Height


Do you want to increase your height and thus your chances of success in life? Do you feel that it is unfair that people judge you on your height and not on what you can do? Well, there is no need to look any further- everything you need to know about adding extra inches, in a natural and comfortable way is right here on this page. Here you can read about the many benefits of appearing taller and how you can achieve this in a simple way.

There is no doubt that beauty comes somewhat from what is on the inside. People, however, biologically prefer powerful people and tall has always been considered equal to powerful. Unfair as it may be, tall people are preferred socially by many and success comes to them much more easily. For some reason we find tall people more attractive and short people weaker.

Studies show that tall people have more success in business and in love, below are a list of advantages taller people have.

Success in business. Prominent business men and women most often tall- or they appear tall. It seems like people recognize the good qualities in a tall person much more easily

Men seem more masculine. Women are attracted to tall, manly men.

Elegance. Taller people seem more elegant- at least it is much easier to be elegant when you are tall.

Power. People feel more protected by and trusting of tall people.

More dating options. Both men and women, but especially women, will chose a tall potential partner over a short one- it is sad, but true.

More confidence. When you feel tall and on level with other people you feel more confident and open.

The ability to wear better clothes. All the really good clothes out there seem to be for taller people.


In conclusion, there are many, unfair, benefits of being tall. This all comes back to natural selections- just like animals we see certain features in our fellows as more attractive and stick to these.

You may sit back and feel defeated- is there really nothing to be done to become taller and look your very best? The answer is yes. Of course you should try to embrace your height and not care what people think, but if you feel the need to add some extra inches anyway, there is no reason to give up. Also there is no shame in trying to look you very best and take all possible steps to achieve this. Nowadays there is no real need for men to be tall and you will lose nothing from cheating ab bit. Many people use subtle measures to make themselves seem taller. It is easy to increase you height naturally and there are many benefits of doing so.

You will become more confident- with confidence comes extra beauty. Adding height can change the way you approach the world and make you a more assured, positive person.

You will become more successful. So if you want to get ahead in your career and be judged on your skills and not your height you should try to appear as tall as possible.

You will be more attractive. When you go out you will find yourself getting many more looks than usual if you make yourself look a little longer.

What you wear can have a big effect on how tall you appear and there are many styles that should be avoided- so considering how you dress is one subtle way to create the illusion of extra height. There are also certain inserts for your shoes that will make you grow and give you a better posture. Some herbal and hormone supplements claim to make you grow, but the effectiveness of these have not been proven.

In the worst cases people choice to get surgery to become permanently taller- but this is costly and apparently not that efficient. So for most people surgery is not an option.

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