Can 24 – 27 Years Old Still Increase Height?

Maintaining correct posture helps to increase height at the age of 24-27

Increasing height is a long process, requiring proper health care investment to achieve impressive results. However, height can only grow for a certain time. So, can 24-27-year-olds still increase their height? Let’s find the answer through the following article…

24 27 years old, how tall are you?

Ideal height is an advantage to help you succeed in work as well as in life. To own a standard height as an adult, you need to have a scientific way to take care of it right from puberty. Because after going through the growth process, the height will be fixed and cannot be further improved by any natural method.

At what age does height stop growing?

A normal person will grow in height continuously for the first 18 – 20 years of life. Females typically go through puberty between the ages of 10 and 16, and males between the ages of 11 and 18. After puberty ends, growth slows down for about two years, then stops altogether. Normally, you will not be able to grow taller after the age of 20, in some cases it can continue until the age of 22 (especially in boys due to delayed puberty). To check the possibility of height growth, you can rely on X-rays, if the growth firmware is open/active, you can still grow taller. When the growth cartilage closes, it means the end of the height increase process.

From 24 – 27 years old, is there any way to make you taller?

As mentioned about the age to stop growing, 24 – 27 years old is no longer in the height growth stage. Therefore, if you do not have the ideal height, you can apply some of the following ways to help yourself be taller in the eyes of the viewer.

Bone lengthening surgery

This type of leg lengthening surgery is often applied to patients with deformities such as bow legs, low legs, high legs… However, now many people choose to perform this type of surgery for the purpose of improving height. through the leg extension method.

Height increase surgery is recommended for people between the ages of 20 and 30 because the bones have already completed the development process. Over 30 years old is the time when bones begin to show signs of aging, surgery has the potential to cause serious complications and the effect of bone lengthening is no longer optimal.

Leg lengthening surgery from 24-27 years old

To perform leg lengthening surgery , the doctor will cut the bone and fix it with nails, then the bone will gradually lengthen without affecting the periosteum. Modern technology allows the doctor to fix the nail in the canal and bone head, the recovery time is shortened and you can remove the nail when you have reached the desired height.

Surgery can take place in the lower leg and thigh, each position can extend up to 8cm, the total height can be improved to 16cm. Depending on the patient’s condition and tolerance, the doctor will perform accordingly. However, because this is a type of surgery that takes a long time to recover, directly affects vital organs, you need to think carefully.

This type of height increase surgery not only affects the bones but also muscles, tendons, nerves, blood vessels, ligaments… are affected. Along with some drugs that are injected during the procedure such as pain relievers, antibiotics, anti-infectives, edema reduction, etc., the patient may face a number of dangerous complications:

  • Dislocation, joint deformity is mainly due to the patient’s non-compliance with the post-surgery regulations, causing the bones and joints to be stretched.

  • Infection of the nail site.

  • Exercising too hard or too soon causes bone damage, leading to fractures that are difficult to recover.

  • A drug allergy or a negative body reaction to a drug causes damage to many organs.

  • Bone misalignment due to improper movement during recovery, usually in the femur, shin bone, etc.

  • In the case of stretching the legs beyond the body’s capacity, it is difficult for ligaments, blood vessels and nerves to recover, leading to paralysis.

The long recovery time, the small cost, the risk of many dangerous complications… make leg lengthening surgery no longer the optimal method. Therefore, carefully consult a specialist to make the correct choice.

Maintain correct posture

Good posture creates ideal stature. In fact, a person with a straight back will make a taller impression in the eyes of the viewer. On the other hand, the wrong posture when standing, sitting or lying can cause scoliosis making you shorter than usual. Even if you can’t increase your height, keep your current height right.

Maintaining correct posture helps to increase height at the age of 24-27

Prioritize vertical stripes

Vertical stripes are always a top priority when choosing outfits for boys and girls. Vertical striped shirts, pants or skirts help the opposite person look at you more vertically, creating a sense of length. However, you need to have a harmonious coordination, avoiding the whole striped tree will cause objection but also not achieve the desire to “cheat” the height.

Choose a monochrome outfit

The costumes with cumbersome and complicated patterns are not for people of short height. You should choose a monochrome outfit, with small motifs, not too much, with a reasonable color combination. For example, instead of choosing a dress with lots of big flowers, you can wear a one-color dress, or a skirt with small floral details.

Wear high-waisted pants/skirts

High-waisted form in both pants and skirts has the effect of dividing the body proportions harmoniously. People who wear this type of clothing create a feeling of longer legs, more dynamic and youthful style. High-waisted pants and skirts for women, you can combine with crop tops or other types of shirts that can be boxed.

Wear a V-neck

The type of V-neck shirt can be applied to both men and women to “cheat” height. The V-neck helps you create a slimmer upper body. Thus, the height can be improved more in the eyes of the viewer. The length of the neckline should only stop at a moderate level to suit the situation. Ladies can use V-neck skirts as well

High heels / height increasing shoes

For girls with short height, high heels are the ideal “savior” to help you improve a good height. Depending on your walking ability and the height you want to achieve, you can choose a pair of heels with a moderate height. High heels can be combined in many outfits, you should also note that you should not wear a lot because of the bad effect on the spine.

Men who have not reached the standard height do not worry too much because you can use height increasing shoes to improve your current physique. This type of shoe has a 3-7cm high sole. Depending on the desired improvement, you choose a suitable pair.

wear high heels to increase height 24-27 years old


Some accompanying accessories also work to support height improvement. For bags, you should choose a small and medium size because the size of the bag is proportional to your body, the taller you are, the larger the accompanying bag will be. In this case, oversized bags will only make you look smaller.

If you know how to use it properly, belts are also an extremely effective height “cheat” solution. A pair of high-waisted pants with a small belt, a skirt that is gently belted with a soft belt… also helps your waist to be slimmer.

For men who often wear ties, you should not use bow ties because this addition makes you shorter. Prioritize the choice of ties with diagonal stripes, small, dark ties…

Note when you want to increase height at the age of 24-27

Do not wait until you are too old to develop height to find ways to improve, young people need to invest in health from an early age. Some care methods you need to take right during puberty to have the opportunity to own the ideal height as an adult:

  • Menu to increase height : Nutrition needs to be supplemented with adequate, balanced, and concentrated nutrients that are beneficial for height such as calcium, collagen, vitamin D, vitamin K, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, zinc, etc. These are all in food, you can find out the nutrient content to have a reasonable menu arrangement.
  • Regular exercise: The habit of exercising and sports not only promotes growth but also helps you train your body to improve health. You can choose a form of exercise that suits your current situation such as playing sports, gym, yoga, stretching exercises, etc.
  • Get enough sleep: The body needs to rest for 8-10 hours a day to conduct the development process smoothly. You should practice going to bed early before 10 pm, avoiding factors that interfere with sleep. For details, please refer to:  The importance of sleep for children’s height development
  • Sun exposure: Through the mechanism of ultraviolet radiation, the body will synthesize under the skin an amount of vitamin D (especially vitamin D3). This is an important vitamin that enhances calcium absorption, helping bones have enough conditions to develop.

You wonder if it’s possible to grow taller at 24, or is it possible at 27, the answer is no. You can apply the height improvement tips that we have just shared and most importantly, have a health care plan right from the start.

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