Does masturbation affect height?


Masturbation is an activity that gives pleasure to oneself in many different forms but does not conduct intercourse. This behavior is instinctive and begins to form from the age of 13 to 15, when the human body begins to have obvious changes, perfecting the physiological and psychological functions of sex.

However, many subjects are extremely confused as to whether masturbation affects the development of the body, sex life and especially their height as an adult. To know more about this issue, invite interested readers to follow the following article of Growtallerblog

What is masturbation?

Masturbation is an act of self-satisfaction with personal sexual needs by using hands or sex tools, touching the sexual organs and sensitive points on the body to create pleasure for oneself, to satisfy human instinctive sexual desire.

Everyone’s thinking about masturbation is completely different and is influenced by factors: social attitudes, education, family culture…. Many people consider masturbation as a way to relieve stress and psychological pressure, while others feel ashamed and scared when thinking about their masturbation.

However, in fact, masturbation exists in all ages, social ranks, ages, genders, etc. Whether it is talked about more or less, openly or secretly, this is also an instinctive human behavior, already an instinct that cannot be easily changed.


Is masturbation harmful?

According to sexologists, masturbation also brings people a number of undeniable benefits such as: Relieves the pressure of emotional work, brings a sense of comfort and satisfaction to life. sensations, relax our minds, improve sexual quality, strengthen the immune system.

Masturbation stimulates the brain to release endorphins, which relieve pain, increase excitement, release sperm, and clean the vas deferens system. Especially recognized by WHO as an effective way to prevent HIV, sexually transmitted diseases and unwanted pregnancy.

Besides some of the benefits mentioned above, this instinctive action also has many other downsides such as: pale body, weakness, dizziness, inability to concentrate. Some people who masturbate with a high frequency are at risk of depression, memory loss, often dreaming about sensitive issues, themselves always wanting to masturbate and indulge in feelings of comfort and pleasure. the feeling that masturbation brings. In addition, this activity also increases the risk of male and gynecological infections, premature ejaculation, no ejaculation, pelvic pain, testicles … work and life are affected.


Does masturbation affect height?

Masturbation begins to appear during puberty, this is also the “golden time” for the body’s height development process. Therefore, many subjects worry that this “sensitive” issue may adversely affect their height. This is entirely based on the following factors:

  • Masturbation, although it brings a sense of satisfaction and comfort, but also takes away a lot of our own strength, making the body tired, pale, sick… making us become lazy. While the process of training, exercise and sports determine 20% of the height development process. Therefore, masturbation can make the height forever “stamped in place”.
  • People who masturbate often have insomnia, because nighttime is a great time to masturbate . The longer this situation lasts, the longer the body cannot produce growth hormone GH, which plays a decisive role in the process of human height growth. This is one of the reasons for the limited height.
  • For men, the satisfaction that masturbation brings is always combined with the ejaculation process, making the production of “sperm” take place continuously, the source of nutrients that we supplement every day must “sanitize”. For this activity, the body cannot absorb enough nutrients needed for height growth, the risk of short stature is inevitable. In addition, subjects who are “addicted to masturbation” no longer pay attention to nutrition issues, anorexia, often skip meals … this situation lasts for a long time, making the body increasingly thin, sick, and small in shape. ….

It can be seen that masturbation can have a bad impact on: Nutrition, exercise, rest, which play a role in determining the process of human height development. Therefore, masturbation can affect height is completely reasonable.

In order for masturbation not to affect the health as well as the height development of the body, each person needs to actively provide themselves with knowledge about safe masturbation, reasonable masturbation frequency, from which create the best conditions for optimal growth height and ensure health.

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