Does milk really help a person grow taller?


A person’s height is affected by many factors.It’s arbitrary to draw a conclusion casually that drinking more milk will help people grow a few inches taller more. But there are certain lying scientific laws behind the presentation we can research. Below I will reveal my research on how milk affects a person’s height.

Let’s get to know the nutrition value of milk

A glass of milk can provide 300mg of calcium to your body. What’s more, it also contains there most under-consumed nutrients—calcium, vitamin D and potassium. According to a 2008 study conducted by Dr. David S. Ludwig of Children’s Hospital Boston, children who drank milk grew taller than the ones who drank soda. Milk industry also admits that it’s milk that made Japanese kids grow taller.


How milk helps our body grow tall?

In order to grow tall, we need longer and stronger bones. Calcium is the main component of the bones. So we need adequate calcium to support our body. The easiest and effective way to gain calcium is by drinking milk. No wonder our mother forced us to drink milk when we were young!

At what age you can benefit the most from milk?

Dietary Guidelines for Americans recommend that individuals ages 9 and older consume three servings of milk, cheese or yogurt each day. In fact, people during puberty can grow really fast by drinking adequate milk. When a child’s body matures into an adult’s body, he or she will experience a growth spurt. The growth spurt needs adequate calcium and other necessary nutrients to boost your body to grow taller fast.

Best time to drink milk

If you want more protein for breakfast, drink milk in the morning is best. In addition to calcium, protein, milk also provides potassium, magnesium, phosphorus and vitamins.

If you exercise in the morning, drinking milk in the morning will provide the body with the protein and calcium needed for bones and muscles to recover and develop.

If you want to feel full and limit your appetite all day, morning is the best time to drink milk. But if you feel bloated after drinking milk, avoid drinking it in the morning.

So does it mean the more milk I drink, the taller I will be?

The only truth is that there is a limit of your height. Milk can help you grow to your full potential. You should keep a peaceful mind. Drink excess amounts of milk one time will definitely do damage to your health. I recommend you to drink a reasonable amount of milk regularly and keep a balanced diet.


How Can I Increase Height After My Growth Plates Close

I have reached the age 21 but I’m still short. So does it mean that I have lost the last chance to grow taller? Well, not absolutely. It’s because age 21 doesn’t mean that your growth plates have closed. It’s true that your body will stop growing taller after your growth plates close. But how can you tell if your growth plates have closed? Only an x-ray can tell you this.

What is the Growth Plate?

The growth plate is the area of growing tissue near the end of the long bones in children and adolescents. Each long bone has at least two growth plates: one at each end. The growth plate determines the future length and shape of the mature bone. When growth is complete—sometime during adolescence—the growth plates close and are replaced by solid bone.

When do I stop growing taller?

At the end of puberty, a teenager reaches sexual maturity. It doesn’t mean that you will stop growing taller. Because humans’ growth plates may not close until the early 20s. Boys have growth plates that stay open approximately two years longer than females. It’s possible to have a second “growth spurt” if your epiphyseal plates haven’t closed.

How to grow taller after 21?

If you are 21 and still not happy with your height, your should take every effort to boost your body HGH levels. Taking stretching exercises, correcting your walking posture, improving your sleep quality, using amino acids correctly and etc are all recommended.

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