Does playing basketball help increase height?


Regular exercise is not only good for health, but also supports rapid height improvement. Not to be missed is basketball. Professional basketball players all possess outstanding height and actively practicing basketball every day is one of the factors that make up that outstanding height. So, how does basketball affect height growth? Let’s find out this content in the following article of Gettallerfast.

How does playing basketball affect height?

Regular and proper exercise will promote mineralization and modeling of bones and joints, both helping to grow long and strong bones, creating momentum to promote maximum height growth. Therefore, if you want to promote height quickly, you should spend time practicing sports every day.

Basketball is a sport that was first introduced in the United States in the nineteenth century and has spread widely around the world. The American Professional Basketball League (NBA) is the most famous basketball tournament that attracts tens of millions of fans in many countries. The average height of basketball players in the NBA is 2m01. The image of tall and strong basketball players makes any of us admire and wish we could have such a healthy appearance. It is the daily basketball exercises that have helped the athletes develop outstanding height.
Basketball technique requires players to often jump up high to compete for the ball, throw the ball, and prevent the opponent from scoring. This movement significantly stimulates the skeletal system, stretches muscles and bones, helps bones to be supple, flexible, strong and longer, promoting good height growth. In addition, when playing basketball outdoors, exposure to sunlight also creates conditions for the body to synthesize vitamin D, helping bones absorb calcium more effectively, supporting maximum height growth.


The right age to play basketball to increase height

Child height develops from the first months of pregnancy to around 20 years of age. At this age, because the synovial cartilage has mineralized, the bones can no longer grow. Therefore, if you want to practice basketball to increase height, you should start before the age of 20.

The techniques as well as the rules of the game in basketball are quite complicated. If playing with the wrong technique can adversely affect the health as well as the height development of children. With the way of playing and calculating the score of basketball, it is difficult for children under 6 years of age to understand correctly. Therefore, parents should let their children get used to and practice basketball in the period from 6 to 20 years old to limit unnecessary injuries and create favorable conditions for strong growth in height.

Proper basketball technique to increase height

The effect of increasing height when practicing basketball fast or slow depends greatly on the player’s technique. Playing basketball with correct technique will help promote rapid growth.

Lead the ball

The technique of dribbling in basketball to escape the opponent’s obstruction. We should practice dribbling with both hands, controlling the ball, estimating the rebound force of the ball from the ground and the flight path of the ball when it hits the court.

How to practice: Bend your knees, low center of gravity, lean forward slightly, observe eyes, open hands, arms, wrists, fingers relax naturally. When dribbling, use your elbows as a pillar, when the ball bounces up to your waist, use your forearms, wrists and fingers to guide the ball, do not hit the ball with your palms. Position the ball in front of your torso, next to the track. The player’s body must protect the ball.

In the process of practicing or playing basketball, dribbling is a technique that is often applied. The impact of this movement on the height is relatively large, making the skeletal system more flexible, especially the leg joints.

Pass the ball

The technique of passing the ball in basketball has many forms: Passing the ball with two hands in front of the chest, passing the ball with two hands on the ground, passing the ball with two hands over the head, passing the ball with one hand on the shoulder… the player’s intelligence and sensitivity and has a great influence on the final outcome.

Passing the ball: Depending on the distance between you and your teammates, the position, the opponent’s playing tactics, etc., you choose the appropriate form of passing. When catching the ball, you must make a pass immediately, do not hold the ball for long, so that the opponent knows your team’s passing strategy. When passing the ball, it is necessary to combine the use of wrist and finger strength and move and jump appropriately to get the ball to the right destination.

Passing the ball is also one of the beneficial techniques for bone growth and height. When moving, jumping to pass the ball helps the joints to be affected, stretch, stimulate the development of joint cartilage, support increased height.

Put the ball in the basket

Putting the ball into the basket helps to score points for the team. The higher the ball into the opponent’s basket, the more points the team gets, the higher the chance of winning. This technique requires players to have good judgment and accurate throwing.

The hand movement to hold the ball before throwing the ball into the basket is also extremely important. You can keep the ball next to the waist or thigh position. When preparing to throw the ball, if you are right-handed, use your left hand to hold the side of the ball, with your right hand underneath. If left-handed, do the opposite.

Throw the ball: Feet extended, dominant foot in front of the other. Shoulders, hips, and elbows line up with the neck. Bend your knees and jump forward to put the ball in the basket.

When jumping, reaching to throw the ball into the basket is the time when the joints are effectively stimulated, promoting rapid growth in height.

In addition, in basketball, there are many techniques that are beneficial to height such as blocking the ball, post moves, stealing the ball… Basketball is a team sport, requiring each member of the team to play both at the same time. Do your job well, coordinate with teammates, help the team score as many points as possible. Each position in this basketball has different physical and technical requirements. You can try out in many positions and choose the position that best suits your ability.


Nutrition needs to be paid attention to when playing basketball to increase height

A scientific and nutritious diet will provide an abundant source of energy for us to practice basketball effectively and improve height quickly.

Add enough groups of substances: Basketball is a sport that requires a lot of physical strength. Players must often jump and jump, moving continuously is very tiring. Therefore, the daily meal structure must add a variety of nutrients: Protein, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins and minerals. In particular, priority should be given to foods that are beneficial to the joint system such as: Chicken, milk, dairy products, legumes, spinach, broccoli, carrots, eggs …
Eat at the right time and with enough meals: Every day, you should eat 3 main meals: Breakfast – lunch – dinner, and 2 snacks to provide the necessary nutrition. It is advisable to minimize skipping meals, overeating, which will adversely affect metabolism, make the body not have enough energy to practice basketball and hinder maximum height growth.

Limit stimulants: Alcohol, beer, coffee, tobacco … are all foods that can be harmful to health, adversely affecting the natural growth process of height. Alcohol has a high alcohol content that affects the nervous system, the process of nutrient metabolism in the body. Caffeine in coffee can cause insomnia, not sleeping well. Meanwhile, tobacco contains a lot of toxins that can cause many dangerous diseases, causing calcium loss in bones. Therefore, you should minimize the use of these stimulants if you want to be healthy and tall.

In addition to regular basketball practice, applying a scientific diet, to improve height quickly, you should go to bed early before 10pm, sleep 8 hours/day. This is the time for the body to rest and relax after a day of exercise with basketball, studying and working. If you stay up late, don’t get enough sleep, you will feel tired the next day, not have enough energy to exercise or work. Sleeping early also creates favorable conditions for the pituitary gland to produce more growth hormone, promoting height growth to its full potential.

Currently, many parents and young people choose to use nutritional supplements to support maximum height growth. The ingredients of this product contain nutrients involved in bone structure such as Calcium Nano, Hydrolyzed Collagen Type II and many nutrients to help improve health, improve the immune system, etc. This is the perfect solution for fortifying nutrition. improve, both improve height quickly and effectively take care of health.

Basketball is an interesting height increasing sport loved around the world. Practicing basketball helps us make many friends, exercise health and promote effective height development. If you want your child to have outstanding appearance, parents should create conditions for their child to practice basketball at a young age. In order for children to play properly and avoid unnecessary injuries, parents should register their children to attend prestigious local basketball training centers.

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