Does Swimming Help You Grow Tall?


Yes! But how?

Well, that depends on several factors, such as nutrition, age, genetics, and how much effort you are willing to put in.

As one of the best full-body workouts out there, swimming can improve your height if you exercise regularly. It will stretch your muscles and stimulate the release of growth hormone, which will help you increase your height effectively.

Swimming has become a more popular hobby as some of its benefits have become known. In the past, it was primarily a recreational activity.

Due to the high caloric demand of this sport it is also an excellent method to control weight. It also effectively tones the muscles.

Combine this with good nutrition and sufficient rest and our chances of growing taller will be significantly increased.

A swimmer’s body tends to have more lean muscle mass and less body fat than that of the average person. This same helps to increase the production of GH (growth hormone) and other functions that have to do with its synthesis.

But it doesn’t matter if you’re in your 20s, 30s, or 40s, swimming regularly will add inches to your height if you apply the correct techniques and do it as often as possible.

If you swim, you can work your legs, spine, and arms at the same time as you move through the water. That environment (water) will emphasize the lack of gravitational pull, allowing those parts of your body to stretch as much as possible.

You don’t need to be an expert or even know too much about this type of training to get started. So try it out ASAP!

HGH (Growth Hormone)

Going through any kind of high intensity training (swimming in this case) does all kinds of really good things for your body.

With short, intense sessions, you can reap all the benefits this type of exercise has to offer and more. For example:

  • You burn a lot of calories in a short period of time.
  • Your metabolic rate will be through the roof!
  • You will lose a lot of fat.
  • You gain and tone muscles.
  • Lowers blood sugar levels.
  • Improves oxygen consumption.
  • Release HGH in large quantities.

Although all of these benefits are quite good and can improve your health in many ways, increasing the effective release of GH (growth hormone) is our main concern.

Therefore, an exercise that stimulates both growth hormone production and swimming is a great plus!

Take note and as soon as you feel comfortable enough raise the bar and start adding intense training days with shorter sessions to your training program and start celebrating the results.

Best Styles

Some people argue which is the best style to practice if you want to be taller and what is the difference between them. But, the reality of things is that it doesn’t really matter that much.

You can start with the breaststroke if you wish, but keep in mind that the determining factor that will define your height in the long run will be your commitment and consistency to perfecting your swimming technique every week without fail.

The most common strokes you can learn to do to get started are chest, back, butterfly, and freestyle.

It is essential that you start small so that you master the correct movements that you have to do because that will help you stretch your muscles and ligaments in the proper way.

Every part of your body must be involved throughout the circuit, no matter what style you choose, you must pay close attention to the beginning and master each stroke, each movement.

Chest Style

Generally, the first stroke you will learn easily because it is taught to beginners. It’s a slow style but it allows you to easily focus on your breathing and your movements.

When executed correctly, the swimmer can travel long distances without exhausting.

This style will stretch different areas of your body and give you the best chance to gain a few inches if possible.

Breathing during the stroke is easy to learn as all the swimmer needs to do is lift their head as the stroke begins to generate power. The breath is taken when the arms begin to pull.

Back Style

It is, of course, swimming on the back. Alternate circular arm movements that go in and out of the water. The legs execute a flapping kick similar to that used in freestyle. Which we will describe below.

Free style

When it comes to getting into the water without any restrictions, freestyle is perfect for getting started!

This technique can also be used to start training when you are a little tired of following your every move in the pool with methodical precision. Which makes it ideal for beginners who just want to swim a bit.

Fluttering kicks are usually executed alternating each leg, followed by a similar movement, in a circular fashion, with the arms. Alternating the extremities, controlling the movement and trying to keep a constant rhythm.


This is a more advanced style that should be approached only by those who are already experienced enough in other styles.

The kick and the butterfly stroke alternate in such a way as is done by those who know how to do what is called a “dolphin kick” and have strong arms to perform the stroke correctly and with both arms and legs at the same time.

It’s not really a great style to start with, but it’s a great way to take things to the next level!

Exercises That Can Be Complemented

Some exercises can be done to complement and further accelerate your results with swimming.

Whether it’s hanging from the bar, stretching, or yoga, every activity that can warm you up and give you better flexibility will help. It is important to maximize the potential that these types of exercises have together with different activities.

Maybe doing a cobra stretch or some other form of stretch just before entering the water would be a good idea.

Using these exercises that focus on the spine and legs is important because these parts are what give us most of our current height, so they will certainly affect our height in the future.

If you don’t have a bar so you can hang yourself for a bit before swimming, just stretch. You should feel comfortable and make it a habit.

Stretching, in all its shapes and forms, should be one of your top priorities, as it will help with every move you make through the water. And it will also improve your posture.

Clothing and Equipment

  • The swimsuits ‘Trunk’ are more comfortable for swimming. They provide more support, reduce water resistance and dry faster than normal beachwear from women’s bikinis and men’s boxer briefs.
  • Many swimmers wear goggles to avoid temporary eye irritations that can be caused by chemicals used to disinfect the water.
  • Caps are required  in some pools to reduce the amount of hair in the water that can clog drains and filters. Many people prefer to wear caps to protect their hair from pool chemicals or to prevent further hair loss.
  • The Kickboards or floating tables are used to hold the upper part of the body when the swimmer is working on the kick.
  • The nose clips are useful for the inconvenience caused by the ingress of water into the nose. Swimmers who are practicing backstroke use them very often.
  • The earplugs are useful for those who bother with the water in the ears. They help prevent irritation and different infections.

Diet and Rest

Proper rest and nutrition will certainly have an effect on your height and you should be aware of this.

The right foods can very well complement the use of swimming to increase height if done together.

You should eat a good amount of protein (beef, eggs, pork) combined with complex carbohydrates (vegetables) with some “good” fats added to the mix, like olive oil, nuts, or other monounsaturated fats.

You should not eat anything before going to the water, at least not two hours before going swimming.

Sleeping and taking a break from swimming every now and then is crucial. It allows your body to repair and grow. Therefore, the better the rest, the better the performance the next time you enter the pool.


Swimming is a great full-body workout that can take your height to the next level if you practice it often and well enough.

Combined with a good nutrition plan and plenty of rest you are good to go!

Of course, swimming can only take you as far as you want, and it will depend on how much effort you are willing to put in until you get results.

Exercise, nutrition, rest, repetition. It’s all part of the process, and each part must be accomplished successfully to add a couple of inches to our stature.

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