Does walking increase height?


When thinking of exercise to increase height, people often think of sports such as basketball, volleyball, high jump, jogging, etc. So does a gentle exercise like walking increase height? Here, will help you answer this question!

Factors that determine height

According to the World Health Organization’s announcement, the main factors affecting a person’s height besides genes, nutrition, and living habits are exercise.

  • Gene: This is a factor that cannot be interfered with. So it will be an advantage if your parents have a dominant height.
  • Nutrition: You need to add a variety of foods with protein, carbohydrates, fats, water, vitamins and minerals. Substances such as calcium, magnesium, zinc, copper, omega-3, vitamin D , vitamin B, etc. These substances are abundant in green vegetables, fruits, beans, lean meat, eggs, milk, seafood, etc.
  • Exercise: May promote the production and release of growth hormone in the blood. Exercise also helps to lengthen the joints and increase flexibility in the body.
  • Living posture: Any bad posture, twisting, stooping, scoliosis, etc. are easy to limit the development of bone length. You should practice to improve the correct posture such as: neck and head are straight, do not bend or bend for too long. Straight back to avoid hunched , bent, crooked postures, etc. Lying down to sleep naturally without bending legs, crooked body.
  • Sleep: If you don’t get enough or deep sleep, it will reduce the development of muscles and bones during sleep. Because growth hormones and height-related substances are produced more during sleep.
  • Injuries: Accidents affecting bones and joints all make it more difficult to increase height.


Does walking increase height?

Does walking increase height ? The answer is yes but not much and most effective during puberty.

The reason exercise can help increase height is partly due to specific exercises that help stretch muscles and joints. Another part is because exercise stimulates the production of more growth hormone. This is very beneficial for the process of stretching and increasing bone tissue to grow taller.

Walking mainly helps the joints to be exercised regularly, avoiding muscle stiffness due to inactivity. Moreover, although it is light exercise, it still helps the body to increase the production of growth hormone. In addition, regular walking also helps you reduce calorie consumption to have a slim body. As a result, you will look slimmer and taller.

Walking is the most effective way to increase height during puberty. So take advantage of this exercise at the right time to develop the best height.

Walking techniques to increase height effectively

To increase your height effectively, you should warm up before starting to walk. Start with a slow walk and gradually increase the pace, maintaining a moderate to fast pace. Your hands can freely swing according to inertia, as long as it makes you comfortable is the best.

When walking, you need to try to maintain your breath, breathe in and out regularly to maintain strength for a long time to perform the exercise. Pay attention to keep your back and neck straight, and land on your toes or mid-foot instead of with your heels.

How long to walk to increase height?

Walking height increase no longer depends on the intensity of your exercise. Walking must reach a certain length of time to have a stimulating effect on height. You need to maintain regular and regular walking every day. If you choose to go for a morning walk, you will also help your body increase the absorption of vitamin D and calcium.

However, walking at any time is effective in increasing height. The most important thing is that you need to do it regularly and achieve at least 1-2 hours continuously. To increase efficiency, try a 30-minute brisk walk every day. Before that, you should spend 5 minutes warming up your legs, knees and hips thoroughly to warm up.


Notes on clothes to walk to increase height effectively

Does walking increase height also depends on the clothes used. An outfit that is too tight will make it difficult for the body to use flexible muscles. In order for the walking process to go smoothly, you should pay attention to the following:

  • Clothing: choose a good stretch, fit, comfortable to create the best feeling of movement. Suits should be made of sweat-wicking material so that they won’t feel uncomfortable for a long time. Do not choose clothes that are too tight, nor should they be too flashy.
  • Sports shoes: choose the right foot size, light, breathable, smooth and elastic. These criteria will help you avoid foot pain. You should also change shoes after 3-5 months of regular walking for the best walking feeling.
  • In addition, you can equip with appropriate accessories such as forehead cotton, pillow bundles, …

Tips to increase height effectively with walking

Some tips for you when choosing to walk to increase height are:

  • It is recommended to use this walking exercise as soon as you are in puberty to bring the best effect.
  • Practice requires planning to maintain interest and create persistence with the exercise.
  • Do not rely solely on walking to increase height. You should practice combining many other exercises to increase efficiency and avoid boredom. Reference sports are basketball, volleyball, swing, running, etc.
  • The determining factor to height is nutrition and living postures. Therefore, it is necessary to supplement with enough substances to help build and strengthen skeletal muscles. Includes eggs, milk, green vegetables, fruits, vitamins and minerals especially vitamin D and calcium.
  • Pay attention and correct the twisting, hunched postures to create space for the bones to grow.

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