Everything You Need To Know About the Pills To Grow Taller


Being tall is considered a desirable attribute and naturally many people are on the lookout for ways to increase their height. Height is mostly based on genetics and once a person is past puberty little increase in height occurs. Among children growth defects can be corrected by administration of an artificial hormone called Somatropin. In adults however Somatropin only has the effect of increasing muscle weight. There are various ways to increase height for people who are past puberty including exercise, dietary adjustments and taking grow tall pills.

Do they truly work?

Today, an age where the market is flooded with scam products designed to entice the money out of your pocket, it is easy to see why you would be skeptical about the effectiveness of growth pills. The truth is there are many legit growth capsules in the market that will produce results in several weeks. However scams do exist. There exist companies that are out to make a quick dishonest buck by preying on your desire to grow tall.

Usually these are easy to spot with their overhyped height increase pills that promise instantaneous results. Generally any product that promises results of over 6 inches or in less than 8 weeks should be marked as scam. Since the grow tall pills niche is largely unregulated many products enter the market without approval of the FDA. The best way to avoid fake products is to get a subscription from a reputable physician.


Height increase pills and how do they work?

Taking pills to grow taller is a growing trend in today’s world. There are many pills with varying formulas mainly designed to manipulate the body’s hormonal system to induce growth. Height increase comes about as a result of increase in bone length, muscle and cartilage growth. Grow tall pills usually contain a blend of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, antioxidants and herbs that stimulate production of human growth hormone and IGF-1.

These hormones in turn cause cartilage, muscle and bone growth resulting in an increase in height. The main areas of action are the spine and legs. Vitamins A and D, contained in many height growth pills are essential for strong bones. Zinc, a very versatile mineral is an essential trigger of growth hormone release. Calcium also strengthens bone to ensure maximum growth potential. Amino acids are essential for protein and hormone synthesis. Proteins are required for tissue building and as an energy source.

Adverse effects of grow tall pills

Pills to grow taller contain natural substances that we eat in regular diet so they should generally be safe. However there still exists a risk of overdose. Water soluble minerals and vitamins if taken in excess can be dangerous. Vitamin B6 for example may cause nerve damage when the recommended dosage of below 5000 mg per day is surpassed.

Pills rich in calcium are known to cause constipation so it is advisable to drink plenty of water if you are using them. Some common complaints after a few doses include nausea, dizziness and various body part aches. If you experience an allergic reaction the best cause of action is to stop using the pills and consult a physician to establish if you are capable of developing tolerance over time in which case it will be safe to resume consumption. Follow other useful methods to increase height at the website Howtogrowtaller, this is a very useful height increasing knowledge sharing website today.

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