Foods rich in calcium help increase height


Calcium is one of the substances that help the bone system develop and support height growth for children. However, how to provide calcium to the body safely and effectively is a matter of concern to many people. Through the food supply for the body every day, you can easily supplement calcium for the body quickly, safely and effectively.

According to a study by the National Institutes of Health (USA), children from 0 to 6 months need 210mg; 7-12 months need 270mg; 1-3 years old: 500mg; 4 – 8 years old need 800mg; 9-18 years old need 1,300mg; People 19-50 years old need 1,000mg and people over 51 years old need 1,200mg of calcium per day. Supplementing calcium for the body through food sources used daily, especially cereals are very safe, effective and recommended by many nutritionists. Here are gettallerfast’s suggestions for foods with high calcium ingredients, you can refer to and include in your meals so that it is reasonable!

Chia Seeds

Chia seeds are a precious food, native to South America. According to some studies, chia seeds contain many good nutrients for the body such as magnesium, iron, zinc, many trace mineral elements and especially calcium. There are 2 types of chia seeds, white and black, with the same nutritional content. In 10g of chia seeds will contain about 63.1 mg of calcium.

In addition, in chia seeds, there is a very useful ingredient for the growth of height, Bo. Boron has the ability to help promote bone and muscle health by metabolizing sources of calcium, phosphorus and magnesium. Chia seeds also contain vitamin D, which is essential for calcium synthesis. Chia seeds are very easy to use. You can add it to your daily drinking water or add to smoothies, yogurt or mix with oatmeal and use.



Sardines are a high source of calcium, especially those that can be consumed with bones. In 92 grams (g) of canned sardines, it can meet the claim of 35% of the RDA. Not only that, sardines are also a high source of rotein and omega 3 which are good for heart, brain and skin health.

As an added bonus, sardines are low-mercury fish. Because it’s high in selenium, this mineral can block toxic levels of mercury.

Sunflower seed

In 100g sunflower seeds contain 78mg calcium. In addition, sunflower seeds also contain phosphorus – a substance that plays a key role in bone health, manganese helps to build bones.

In sunflower seeds, it is also rich in magnesium – one of the substances concentrated mainly in bones, bone surfaces. Copper compounds found in sunflower seeds also help keep bones strong and flexible.

However, sunflower seeds contain a high amount of salt. This reduces calcium absorption in the body. Therefore, you should choose raw, whole, unsalted sunflower seeds.

You can eat sunflowers alone or in combination with oatmeal, yogurt, soups or salads. Note that sunflower seeds are rich in fat, so please control the dose appropriately to avoid excess calories.

Sesame seeds (sesame)

Sesame seeds are one of the grains that contain high levels of calcium, especially black sesame seeds. The amount of calcium in sesame seeds is 5 times higher than cow’s milk. Not only is it superior to cow’s milk in terms of calcium, but black sesame also surpasses other foods. Providing calcium for the body with sesame seeds is a safe and effective measure. Using sesame not only helps strengthen teeth but also improves height significantly.

In 30g sesame contains 22% calcium, 25% magnesium, 32% manga, 21% zinc. These are necessary substances for the development of the human skeletal system and height.


Almonds contain about 269mg of calcium, accounting for 27% of human daily needs. Therefore, nutritionists recommend using almonds every day to supplement calcium for the body. If you drink 1 cup of almond milk, you have provided the body with 320mg of calcium.

In addition, the phosphorus in almonds also has a great impact on the health of the bones and teeth, preventing the risk of osteoporosis and helping to grow taller. Magnesium is also high in almonds. Magnesium will help maintain calcium levels in the body, building stronger bones.


Cashew nuts contain 40% of copper, 22% of magnesium needed by the body recommended by nutritionists. Magnesium is one of the essential minerals that combine with calcium to rebuild bone composition in the body. If you lack magnesium, your body will have poor bone density, less flexible joints, affecting height.

Cashews are one of the grains that are very good for bones. Cashews also contain copper, which is essential for enzymes that connect to collagen and elastin. These are also two ingredients that help maintain bone and joint development and flexibility.


In addition to being known to be a high source of protein, eggs also contain many nutrients that are good for bones. This is a pretty rich source of calcium for the body. With one egg, you can provide the body with 27 mg of calcium and many other essential nutrients for the body’s development such as vitamin A, vitamin D, vitamin C, iron, vitamin B12. However, experts recommend that you only eat a maximum of 2 eggs a day.

Sweet potato

Sweet potatoes can be considered a superfood for health. Not only providing many benefits for the body, but eating sweet potatoes regularly also has the effect of supplementing calcium to help increase height effectively. According to some studies, in 100g of sweet potato gives the body 30mg of calcium.

Soybean seeds

Soybeans, also known as soybeans, contain many nutrients that are good for the body, including calcium. Soybeans also appear in many meals of American and Asian families. In 100g of soybean contains 277mg of calcium to help build strong bones.

Although not a cereal with high calcium content, soybeans are rich in isoflavones. This is an antioxidant, very useful in preventing osteoporosis and enhancing the body’s ability to absorb calcium from which new height can be developed.

Cove beans

Beans are a food that provides a lot of nutrients for the body, including calcium. Therefore, you can regularly use cove beans in your meals. Beans are rich in vitamin K, silicon and calcium. Silicon is a substance that helps you increase bone density. Calcium is the main substance to promote height growth and prevent other bone diseases. If you are looking for a food to supplement calcium for your body, then cove beans are an ideal suggestion. However, to preserve the calcium inherent in cove beans, you should cook them by boiling or stir-frying.


Basically, many cheeses are high in calcium. As it is usually made from cow’s or goat’s milk. One of the cheeses that are high in calcium is grated parmesan. In 100 g of crushed parmesan contains calcium.



Just like spinach and kale, broccoli is also one of the vegetables with a high calcium content. One cup of broccoli contains 87 mg of calcium, ample fiber and protein, and contains iron, potassium, calcium, selenium and magnesium as well as vitamins A, C, E, K and a host of B vitamins including folic acid. Not only that, research shows that compounds in broccoli may help prevent bladder, breast, colon, and stomach cancers.


Yogurt is not only a source of vitamin D for the body, but regularly eating yogurt is also one of the effective ways to supplement calcium for the body. Some studies have shown that with just 245ml of plain yogurt per day, you have supplemented your body with about 30% of calcium needs for the day.


In 100g green beans contain 37mg calcium and especially vitamin K is very rich. These two substances are important components for healthy bone development, preventing bone degeneration, and promoting height. In green beans, there is not much silicon, but this is a substance that helps to regenerate bones and helps bones grow. Some delicious dishes from green beans you can refer to such as mung bean soup, green bean duck porridge, green bean dumplings …

White beans

With a high nutritional content including calcium, white beans are considered a food to help you grow taller. According to the Vietnamese Food Composition of the Ministry of Health, in 100g of white beans contains 160 mg of calcium. Eating white beans is considered an effective measure to develop bone health.

Along with calcium, phosphorus, potassium, magnesium, and sodium in white beans will help you strengthen the bone system, help bones strong, develop well. Delicious dishes from white beans include white beans stewed with garlic, white beans stewed with wormwood chicken, white bean soup, white bean salad, white beans stewed with bones, white beans cooked with taro…

The importance of calcium with the growth of height is very important so you need to supplement them daily for the body through meals. If calcium deficiency is not only height but also bone health and other parts are strongly affected. Calcium-rich foods are mostly easy to find, affordable, and easy to prepare.

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