Growing taller by practicing Crossfit


I have been involved in many different sports, not particularly Crossfit. I attended a few classes a couple of months ago, but recently started wondering if this so-called functional (and really comprehensive, I should add) workout can improve height. So I did my own research.

Can Crossfit increase height? Like any high intensity training, Crossfit can burn fat and work your cardio very effectively, improve your muscle tone and your flexibility doing this type of training. It can also increase your testosterone levels, make your immune system much stronger and obtain a great production of HGH (human growth hormone) taking it to its maximum performance, getting every piece of the puzzle involved in our growth is aligned to give us a few extra centimeters!

There are a number of benefits that you would quickly experience from doing Crossfit on a regular basis, so just to name a few and put you on the right track, let’s talk about 7 ways Crossfit can make you taller!

Intensive training

As we already said, many routines applied in Crossfit involve what is called HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training), that means giving your best in a short period of time and resting properly between sessions.

Taking things to the next level every time you do a training session will prove to be very beneficial to your health.

By doing this, your metabolic rate will remain elevated for many hours after completing the exercise, you will lose fat, gain muscle, and improve oxygen consumption. It can even lower your blood pressure and your blood sugar levels.

All the benefits we have mentioned are of great importance in how your body can grow and improve its function while doing so.

NOTE: Higher amounts of growth hormone (HGH) productivity will be achieved during the most intensive sessions, as many studies have already recorded in this regard. This will only increase your chances of growing a little more.

More Flexibility, More Height

We are not talking about a typical stretching or warm-up before a training session.

With a sufficiently balanced training program, you will get to maximize your performance and avoid injury with the right combination of movements that can stretch your muscles and engage your joints in a healthy way.

Improving flexibility, coordination and stabilization of key parts in our body.

There are specific exercises that are very focused on your flexibility even before we have to even touch the dumbbells.

A good example of this is the weightless squat. Used to open the hips, activate the knees, and get a nice butt stretch. The lower back will also be positively affected.

Elastic bands, as well as different yoga poses, are a good resource that is well known among CrossFit enthusiasts. A great way to gain height while performing at your best!

You will burn more fat

Crossfit training can have you being a fat burning machine in no time.

Not only for the fact that you will be giving your best in each workout, but you will also work your entire body.

This sport is specialized in making every part of your body work. With functional training, you will train longer and better because it focuses on movement, not so much on the muscles.

Less fat in our body makes our testosterone levels rise much faster. Let me tell you why.

According to Dr Jean-Marc Kaufman of the University of Ghent in Belgium, the genes that control the fat in your body are the same genes that are involved in the production of testosterone.

A proper diet plan that contains lots of good and healthy fats will also help improve testosterone levels and overall health as well.

The correct combination of training and rest will prove to be very effective when it comes to shedding that extra fat and this physical exercise will help us to achieve it quickly.

Articulatory Mobility

Your joints are another important part of your overall height. The way you make them work can stunt your growth or instantly make you taller.

By applying the different movements that this sport includes, we will obtain greater blood flow (and with it, a better transport of nutrients) to the joints, an area that generally presents lubrication deficiencies and suffers from a lack of adequate nutrients.

These “softer” areas need constant stimulation to avoid stiffening and to improve mobility so as not to “crack” over time. Take this into account if you suffer from any kind of stiffness in your knees or other parts of your body.

A healthy heart

It helps keep your heart healthy and in good shape so it can function better to get your blood flowing effectively throughout your body.

You will work the muscles that make your heart pump in a good way by doing this anaerobic exercise. Doing almost any type of physical activity has been shown to make your cardiovascular system work better and stay healthy.

With the combination of cardio, bodyweight exercises and weight lifting, you will benefit from the best “pump” you have ever experienced.

More Results in Less Time!

Doing Crossfit is very efficient with respect to the use of time. The workouts and routines developed for this sport are thought in advance regarding the use of a set time and with a very precise chronometry. Each class is carefully designed with a preset timeline.

You will get more results than you would with any other type of exercise within half the practice time.

The key is to master those times by doing your best to reach your established goals or even exceed expectations.

That is where the attractive facet of this type of exercise is found, being able to beat obstacles and get better, stronger and faster with each training that is done.

A Motivating Community

You will stop training when Crossfit is over with you!

Well not really. The true meaning is to improve yourself with every training session you do. Mindset is key here. Very different from going to the gym where you are probably alone and the only one following your improvement, right?

Crossfit can encourage you to take things to the next level with the right guidance and training. The correct guidance from an experienced coach as well as good companionship are usually great enhancers of good performance.

Related questions

How often should I practice Crossfit to improve my height? Another great unanswered question. According to research, engaging in any type of physical activity that activates muscles, ligaments, bones, and increases heart rate, among other things, should be practiced at least 2-3 times per week to see long-lasting results over time.

How much can I grow with Crossfit? It’s hard to say how tall you could gain from this or any kind of sport for that matter. That depends on your nutrition, proper guidance, and your genetics.

I hope this information has been useful!

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