Height-Related Depression: Do You Have It?


Every month I hear such deep internal sadness as people express height-related depression. They’re sad because they’re short in stature and can’t seem to shake themselves of the oppression they feel from taller people.

Checklist For Height-Related Depression

There are many types of depression. Some types of depression result because people feel trapped in a situation with no escape. Such is the case for depression related to being short.


Here’s a quick little Height-related Depression Checklist to see if this may be affecting you:

1. Do you ever avoid social interaction because you imagine that people will make fun of you because of your height?

2. Do you tell yourself that you are unable to do things because you are short?

3. Are you frequently bullied by taller people?

4. Do you feel that you will never measure up to your true success in life because you are short – and therefore you will have less opportunities?

5. Do you cringe when thinking about starting a relationship with a tall person?

6. Do you avoid positions of leadership because of your stature?

7. Do you have parents who are also short and tell you that there’s nothing you can do about it?

8. Do you avoid sports because you are short?

9. Have you withdrawn from relationships, thinking that you’re really not worth much because you are short?

If your answer to 2 or more of these questions is yes, you may have height-related depression.

The Psychology Of Life Affects How You Perceive Your Height

Half Empty GlassSurely you are aware of what psychologists say – you can look at the glass half empty or half full.

And if you’re short and have height-related depression, you could be feeling like a glass half full – or half empty!

But the fact is that you really are someone special, no matter what your height is. You have gifts and talents that others don’t have.

And that’s what life is about – finding and mastering those talents so that you can share them with others.

Have you ever stopped to think about the opportunities that are blocked from tall people?

Sure, they can play basketball, are seemingly looked up to when in politics, can become higher paid models, but other than that, really what advantage does their height bring them?

Short People And Tall People Have Different Opportunities In Life

Gymnasts Height

The taller a person is, the more difficult it is to do gymnastics. What would a tall person look like doing gymnastics? It really wouldn’t be a pretty sight.

Short people are more adept at gymnastics – and the shorter you are for gymnastics, the less stress it is on your muscles and joints to do those phenomenal sports.

Short people are great for jobs that involve being low to the ground – trades like plumbers where they have to fit into small places.

It may not seem too appealing to be a plumber but even in a depression a plumber has work – and no one will ever comment on your height when you are a plumber.

Even the job of modeling is not restricted anymore to tall people. In fact, petite models are in demand as well; you just have to find the right people who hire them.

This is the same thing for those who are overweight; you can be overweight and get a job modeling because they are in demand now, too.

What’s Your Modus Operandus About Not Getting Your Way?

Height-related depression may be a matter of it becoming time to evaluate how you approach life when things don’t work out in your favor.

Many people learn as a child to pout and complain about things when they don’t get their way – and then years later, they are still using the same childish way of dealing with a negative situation.

However, part of maturing is developing new ways to look at things, and analyzing what you’re doing about a situation and whether or not it is working.

Changing DirectionsHow long do you go without changing course if something is not working?

It’s a good idea if you have height-related depression to stop the negative thoughts from churning over in your mind.

Come on, now, have you noticed that one bad thought leads to another, which leads to another and another? Before long, depression sets in.

What’s The Solution For Changing Your Psychology?

The key is to see how quick you can change your mind and make it adapt to what’s happening around you.

Can you change course mentally in 30 minutes or 2 hours? Or does it take 2 weeks for you to overcome a bad mindset?

This is such an important key in life that it really should be taught more often. Many people get bummed out by something that happens – and then are still talking about it years later! This can happen to you with your height if you are not careful.

And imagine for a minute what it would look like if you’re 68 years old and still complaining about how short you are! Or you’re still plagued with height-induced depression in your 70s.

That would mean you never saw the beauty of life for over 40 years. What a waste!

So now it’s time to do something about it. You can initiate the dietary strategies and exercises that can help you grow taller. But don’t dwell on them. Start looking ahead. What is it that you really want to be in life?

Set your mind on that – instead of your height and miracles will start to happen. Leave height-induced depression in a dust cloud as you rocket up towards bigger and better things.

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