How Boys Grow Determines How Long They Live

Tallness Nutrition

It seems that just about everyone wants to know how to grow taller, except those who are tall throughout their entire life. The tall ones often take their blessing of height for granted.

But there are a few things you should know about how to grow taller.

1. Tallness Linked To Long Life

In most societies, if people are tall, their lifespan is increased. This may be because of favor gained from others in the community.

Tall people are often admired and looked up to, and this opens the door to favor and blessings, some which often could be in the form of food.

When one feels accepted in a community, one wants to help out the fellow men in the community and live a long, fruitful life.

2. Good Nutrition Determines Tallness

Tallness Nutrition

Tallness occurs because growth is not opposed by bad nutrition. Bad nutrition means not enough protein, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins and minerals.

It’s common in undeveloped countries that undernutrition – malnutrition runs rampant. This is related to disease, and early death.

For example, without enough protein, not only are people stunted in their growth, but also they are more prone to develop infections and parasites.

You may be familiar with pictures of little children standing in a forest or on a beach with skinny arms and legs and a big belly. This is what protein malnutrition looks like.

The big belly is usually full of parasites that are from contaminated water and food.

Herbalists from the Dr. Christopher School of Natural Healing at one time used to go down to these areas to rid the people of parasites using two herbs, cayenne pepper and wormwood.

After a big dose of these herbs, the parasites would be expelled in a large bucket. Once the parasites were out of someone, their body could focus on how to grow taller and repairing damage from infections as well as cleaning up infections.

Having generous amounts of milk in the diet provides protein and carbohydrates as well as a little fat. These three nutrients are needed by the body for good health.

Research studies have proven a connection of milk to how to grow taller. Those who drink the most milk grow the tallest, and interestingly, hereditary patterns seem to be reversed with milk.

For example, if you’re born to a mother and father who are short but you drink a lot of milk during your growing years, you could end up being a good six inches or more taller than your parents.

Catch Up Growth3. Catch-Up Growth

Tallness can result from rapid ‘catch-up’ growth after a setback. This is called compensatory growth.

Have you ever heard of children who were ill for awhile, then recovered and suddenly grew four or more inches taller within about a year?

This is an example of compensatory growth. At this time, scientists are still baffled about how it works and why it works.

4. Animals With Catch-Up Growth Die Younger

Compensatory growth, when seen in animals, is connected to a reduced lifespan. This may be because it is disorganized. Again, scientists don’t know what’s happening to stimulate the sudden growth.

The interesting part is that once they do understand compensatory growth better, then we can expect a lot of doctors wanting to learn how to grow taller and using this information for their patients.

It will most likely be big business, bigger than cosmetic surgery!

Research Study Findings About Lifespan And Tallness

All these facts about how to grow taller were important because they were part of a research study that took place in the United Kingdom at Southampton General Hospital in the epidemiology unit.

The researchers analyzed the length of life of almost 7000 men in Helsinki, Finland. They were looking for the difference between boys that were tall at the age of seven and those who were taller than what they should have been at age seven.

The latter group would have been the situation of compensatory growth.

The doctors were able to determine a person’s height for the age of seven by using growth charts based on birth weight and length at birth. Tall boys were 114 to 126+ centimeters tall.

New Pattern Of Tallness Emerges

Overall, the tallest boys lived the longest. But upon evaluating the tall boys in another way – taking into consideration compensatory growth – a new pattern emerged.

The boys who experienced compensatory growth had a much higher mortality rate!

Specifically, if the boys were more than 126 cm at the age of seven, they ended up living a full eight years longer. This was in comparison to those who were 114 centimeters or less.

The researchers haven’t done this same type of evaluation for girls so at this time we can’t say that it’s true for girls, too.

What this shows us goes back to the old story about the turtle and the hare in a race. Slow and steady wins the race when it comes to how to grow taller!

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