How do pull-ups help increase height?


Pull-up or swing is a familiar sport, not too difficult to do. In addition to the effect of muscle development, physical enhancement, and health improvement, pull-ups are also a sport that supports optimal height increase that both men and women can easily practice. However , not everyone knows the information and secrets of pull-ups that growtallerblog shares below.

Do pull-ups increase height?

Pulling up the bar completely helps you to increase your height very well, especially for men and women who are in puberty. Push-ups stand out with the movement of hanging in the air. At this time, the body does not have to bear any pressure of the earth’s gravity, the joints are released from the pressure, fully relaxed, the body is fully stretched. The articular cartilage gets space to develop to its fullest. Since then the bones are also long, you will be taller.

The pull up bar should be combined with many other sports to increase height and adhere to a reasonable diet and rest.

After the age of 20-25, the growth discs have closed, the height-increasing effect that the pull-up brings will decrease significantly, so it is necessary to take advantage of the time when the body is still able to grow in height to get taller. as the.

You can pull up the bar when you go to the gym, install the bar yourself at home or go to the park area – where a lot of bars are installed for people to practice every day.


Some pull-ups to increase height

Pull-ups are more than simply hanging up on the bar. There are many different moves that you can do if you want to stick with this subject. For those who are intending to increase a lot by pulling up the bar, they must pay more attention to the techniques below.

Hanging people on the bar

This is the simplest movement that both men and women can do easily.

Step 1: Perform a movement on the bar, keeping your back and whole body straight, chest facing forward throughout the exercise.

Step 2: Hang on the bar within the body’s tolerance, don’t try to pull up the bar for the first time, especially girls. You can cross your legs back to reduce weight and maintain a longer suspension time. Hold your breath evenly while performing the pull-up.

Step 3: You can take 1-2 light inhalations for women and more for men. Breathe in when going up the bar, breathe gently when lowering. However, if you are not familiar, you do not need to do this movement, it also does not affect the purpose of wanting to increase height. Just hanging on the bar regularly, your height has also changed unexpectedly.

Step 4: Down the bar gently with the toe first, then the whole foot to avoid injury to the foot.

If you install a high height bar, you need to pay attention to the jumping movement. Gain momentum, aim to place your hands on the bar before jumping.

Practice hanging barbells for cyclists

The cyclist hanging pose focuses more on the lower body. Not only helps to increase height, this movement also helps to tone the abdominal muscles, buttocks, thighs and back calves. This is considered one of the favorite height increase exercises for men and women .

Step 1: Perform the movement on the bar and hang as above, keep the breathing rhythm regular, the body and back are always straight.

Step 2: Legs begin to stretch up and down. Imagine you are riding a bicycle.

Step 3: Maintain this movement for 20-30 seconds. For women, when tired, they can stop changing their legs up and down but just keep the position of hanging from the bar.

Step 4: Down the bar gently with the toe first, then the whole foot to avoid injury to the foot.

Swinging barbells and knee lifts

This move focuses on the upper body because when lifting the knees, the arms and chest will bear some of the weight and stretch the biceps and chest muscles as much as possible. Therefore, the effect of increasing height is also greatly increased.

Step 1: Proceed to the bar, keep your back straight, chest forward, maintain a regular breathing.

Step 2: Legs at this time can be crossed or left straight, legs close together, slowly raise the knee high, tighten the abdominal muscles. The upper body should always be perpendicular to the crossbar, avoiding arching the back. If you bring the knee up as high as possible, hold the position for 3-5 seconds depending on the strength and then return to the original hanging position. Continue practicing if you have enough strength, if not, go down the bar and then do the next time.

This exercise is quite heavy for girls, so it is often chosen by men to try more.


Some notes when practicing barbells

In order for the pull-up exercise to achieve the desired height increase effect, the practitioner should note the following issues:

  • Do not forget to warm up before exercising to avoid strong stretching muscles that cause contractions, which are not good for health. It’s not because the pull-up is such a simple exercise that you skip the warm-up time. You can gently start with rotating wrists, ankles, and chest movements for 5-10 minutes.
  • Pay attention to the jumping movement before hanging the bar because this is a movement that has a great influence on the development of height.
  • Always keep the body in a straight position throughout the exercise so as not to affect the spine.
  • Pay attention to your breathing rhythm as directed. Any exercise is accompanied by correct breathing, otherwise all efforts will be ineffective.
  • Don’t exercise too hard. Pull-ups are a simple subject, but not everyone has the stamina to practice smoothly from the beginning. So, let’s get used to the bar, then the simple techniques in the body’s ability for a short time first, then gradually increase the difficulty, the time to hang the bar up.
  • When you feel your body is tired or can’t stand it, you must slowly stop the movement, relax and return to the resting state.

Proper and persistent pull-ups will give you a healthy body, toned muscles, and a rapid increase in height when the practitioner is in puberty. Hopefully, the above tips to increase height for men and women have helped those who are in the stage of wanting to grow taller have one more useful exercise to increase height effectively.

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