How does swimming help you grow taller?


It’s well known that taking exercises regularly is the most natural way to help increase our height. Among all kinds of exercises, I prefer to swim. Why? One reason is that I really enjoy swimming. I feel like a free bird in the swimming pool. Also, swimming is one of the best exercises to stretch your body and make you grow taller.

What happens when we are swimming?

During the swimming activities, our bodies float on the water. In such a situation, our bodies tactfully avoid the effect of gravity. Usually, the gravity hinders us from growing taller with downward force.

Swimming can help decrease the amount of force being pressed down on you to the minimum. This will also decompress the disks between the vertebrate. Our bodies become nimble with additional twisting of the ankles and motion of the other joints like the knee and hips. By stretching your body, swimming can help lengthen your spine. Swimming is a great all-body exercise and ensures uniform growth of all body muscles.


How long to swim to increase height?

In this case, consistency is more important than time. In fact, engaging in leisurely swims for about 30 minutes will yield good results. It’s highly recommended you keep swimming a good habit. Keep swimming everyday and the results will surprise you.

Which is the best swimming stroke to increase height?

Any swimming stroke can work well to help you grow a few inches taller. Personally I prefer breaststroke. It’s also ok if you only master butterfly stroke. Any of the techniques used employs the use of different body facets. So if you are an expert in swimming, I recommend you to use different kinds of swimming strokes.

Frog swimming

Frog swimming is a style of swimming with a combination of arms and legs. You just kick, kick your legs a lot back so that the body slides forward, the muscles in your legs will stretch after the movement.

During swimming, it is necessary to combine with a long forward stride to increase the length of the spine and elongate some other parts of the body.

Butterfly stroke

This type of swimming requires high skill, usually for people with dark stamina. Butterfly stroke is a combination of swimming movements of two types of frog swimming and stride swimming. When swimming butterflies, you will lie on your stomach on your stomach, beat the butterfly’s legs like frog swimming, hands are symmetrical to each other, similar to the stride swimming pattern.


The backstroke style is quite similar to the stride swim style, but instead of the body being level with the water surface, the straight face, and the eyes perpendicular to the bottom of the pool, the backstroke swim style is for people who float back on the water, combining the foot and arms. non-stop water fan. This is a difficult swimming style that requires high precision techniques.

Other grow taller sports recommended


Sprints can do wonders on your height. Try to do 3 to 4 sprints a week as this exercise is great in lengthening your legs and helps your glands to release more growth hormones in your body. Moreover, sprints are a HIIT (high intensity interval training) and it takes 10-15 minutes utmost and so even if you are a busy person it can still work for you. Sprinting is very beneficial but strenuous and so you should ensure enough rest. You can do short sprints a few days a week and still get awesome results.


Kicking is one of the most effective exercises to grow taller. The effect is that each kick adds more pressure on your thigh bone hence lengthening it. Kicks are very easy to do and they don’t require any equipment. You can do the basic snap kick by extending one leg and snapping out a kick.

To do this successfully, the extended leg should be leveled off the ground for about 2-3 feet and the kick itself should be quick. However, don’t put too much force on the kick to avoid pain. What kick does is that it targets your thighs and helps in gaining a little bit of extra height from the kick.



This is a great and easy exercise. For effective jumping, jump on and off the bench with both legs. Start out slowly and ensure proper execution and jump in such a way that you feel safe when doing it.


Do you love cycling? Cycling is an exercise that will target your thighs. For better results, increase the seat of your bike and the handlebars and start cycling. This can be great as you will be able to grow taller through this exercise.

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