How tall is 19 years old?


Achieving a standard height is an important goal for many people when they turn 19. Because, when they pass this age, the cartilage layers have started the ossification process, height cannot be increased further. . However, in case your height is still lower than the norm, are the methods to increase height at the age of 19 still effective? Let’s find out with growtallerblog about how tall is 19 years old through the following article

Standard height of 19 years old male and female

According to the WHO Height-weight-for-age table , the standard height of men and women at the age of 19 is 163cm (57.1kg) and 176.5cm (68.9kg), respectively.

If you have reached the correct height for the standard, then your height growth rate has been equal to the height of teenagers around the world. This also indirectly reflects your plan to increase height in the past period has been reasonable and needs to continue to maintain this.

On the contrary, when your actual height has a big difference from the standard, this reflects that your height increase plan is still not reasonable. However, it is not too late for you to change your height growth plan.


4 methods to increase height at the age of 19

At the age of 19, although height can still increase, you need to make more efforts to reap positive results because the growth of the body at this age slows down.

Enhance nutrients that are good for bones

No matter what age you are, nutrition is still the most important factor for the growth and development of the body. To improve height at the age of 19, you not only need to maintain a healthy diet, but also need to increase the content of nutrients that are good for bone growth.

Calcium plays a key role in bone structure, so ensuring adequate calcium for the body is the first requirement. However, calcium is very easily eliminated from the body, so it is important to increase the intake of supporting minerals such as manganese, zinc, and potassium.

Supplementing enough protein for the body through the diet is also an effective method to increase height at the age of 19. Protein contributes to building muscles, increasing the secretion of growth hormone , increasing bone strength to reduce injuries when you enter your 30s.

The presence of these nutrients promotes the faster formation of bone tissue in the body, improves blood circulation, thereby promoting height growth naturally.

Increase exercise

Exercise is a method to increase height at the age of 19 that you need to promote if you want to improve height at this age. Exercise affects the bones and joints in the hands and feet, activating nerve endings directly linked to the pituitary gland, allowing more growth hormone to be produced, thereby promoting bone length.

To accelerate height at this late stage, you should increase the training time but make sure it is suitable for your physical condition. For example, before, you spent 45 minutes practicing sports, now increase the total time by 15-20 minutes.

In addition to exercise time, you also need to keep your body active. If possible, you should replace transportation with walking, cycling or climbing stairs to keep your body moving.

Pay special attention to sleep

Sleep is very important for height growth but is often overlooked. It is also a common reason for your height to fall short of the norm when you enter adulthood. Remember, 90% of the height increase happens when you fall asleep. So, if you want to increase your height at the age of 19, make sure you take this method seriously.

The right sleeping position will help you take full advantage of the ability to improve height through sleep. It is best to lie on your back with an extra pillow under your feet. This lying position strengthens the spine, stretches the discs on the back, is very useful in increasing height, reducing the risk of back injury and back pain.


Absolutely do not use stimulants

Stimulants are products you absolutely must say “NO” when you want to improve height at this age.

  • Tobacco and cigarette smoke: Nicotine in cigarettes reduces the amount of collagen in the body, reduces the elasticity of joint cartilage and soft tissues, damages ligaments, increases the rate of bone resorption.
  • Alcohol, beer and alcoholic beverages : The alcohol in alcohol inhibits the bone regeneration process, making bones thin, weak and very easy to break.
  • Coffee : Caffeine can cause free calcium to be eliminated from the body through excretion, leading to the breakdown of calcium atoms, which reduces bone density.

The use of stimulants, even in small amounts, is enough to make the whole week of exercise and healthy eating to increase your height “in vain”.

Don’t forget that you only have a short time to improve your height. Therefore, it is very necessary to seriously implement the above methods of increasing height at the age of 19. Taking care of the quality of each meal, increasing sports activities, getting enough sleep and not using stimulants are the 4 basic things that help you effectively improve your current height.

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