How tall is a 7 year old child?


Height continuously grows during the first 18 – 20 years of life, so at each age you will have a certain height. Parents with a 7-year-old child wonder how tall their child is at this age and how to take care of their child’s height and health? Let ‘s discover the secret in the following article of Growtallerblog.

The child’s ability to grow in height is influenced by many factors such as genetics, nutrition, exercise, living environment, current physical condition… For 7-year-old children, children are in the stage of physical development. strong. In order for their children to achieve the ideal growth rate, parents need to apply the right health care methods.

What is the standard height and weight for a 7 year old child?

The height and weight of each age is different depending on the sex of the child. 7-year-old children have a standard height of 121.1 cm and a weight of 22.4 kg (for girls), 121.9 cm and 22.9 kg (for men). The harmony of weight and height in children is a proof of a healthy body, helping children achieve good health.


What does a child’s height and weight deficiency indicate?

Besides children with good growth index, there are still some children who are deficient in height and weight. The lack of height and weight shows that the child is currently in bad shape, and needs to be invested in scientific care methods.

Children whose height is not up to the standard for their age means that the growth rate is poor. Poor physical development is one of the factors that make it difficult for children to reach their ideal body shape when they grow up. Recognizing this situation early, parents will have a way to improve it in time so that their child can reach the standard of physique soon.

What should children eat to increase height effectively?

Increasing height is a long journey, requiring both mother and child to persevere. Among the factors affecting the height of the child, nutrition determines 32% of the ability to develop. A nutritious, balanced diet will help children have enough conditions to nourish bones.

For a 7-year-old child, the body needs to be provided with a full range of substances: Protein, starch, fat, vitamins and minerals . In particular, some substances are directly involved in the process of forming structure and maintaining bone health: Calcium, collagen type 2, vitamins D, K, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, zinc, iron…

These nutrients can be supplemented with foods such as:

  • Calcium: Salmon, sardines, tuna, cheese, low-fat yogurt, lentils, almonds, dark green leafy vegetables…
  • Collagen type 2: Bone broth, chicken, beans, fish and shellfish, citrus fruits, egg whites, garlic, green vegetables, cashews, bell peppers, tomatoes…
  • Vitamin D: Egg yolks, salmon, herring, sardines, mushrooms, cod liver oil…
  • Vitamin K: Broccoli, kale, spinach, beef liver, fermented soybeans, chicken, green beans, kiwi…
  • Minerals (magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, zinc, iron…): Avocados, dark chocolate, legumes and nuts, some fatty fish, bananas, whole grains…

Some exercises to increase height for 7-year-old children

In addition to nutrition, exercise regime also affects 20% of children’s ability to develop height. Maintaining exercise habits both promotes height growth and improves overall health. For 7-year-old children, parents can apply the following forms of exercise:


Swimming requires children to move their entire body, most of the muscles are involved in the swimming process. In particular, the resistance from the water flow also affects the skeletal system, muscles, joints, stimulating height growth. Swimming has many styles, each swimming style will affect a certain muscle group.

Swimming is an ideal sport if you want to improve your child’s height . At the same time, swimmers also improve the health of the cardiovascular and respiratory systems, supporting children to be in good shape and ready to develop. Swimming is also a good skill for children in daily activities.



The movements of running, jumping, hitting the bridge, bending the knees … in badminton are an extremely effective form of bone and joint training. Badminton is an easy sport to play, which can be practiced outdoors or in the yard. For children to practice badminton is an effective method to help stimulate optimal bone and joint development.


7-year-olds, especially boys, can participate in team sports like soccer. With this sport, children will be constantly moving so that the entire skeletal system works, promoting growth to take place. Football will mostly affect the leg bones, helping the calves to be strong, stretching away from the ends of the bones to lengthen the bones.


Children 7 years old can practice basketball at a light level. This is a fighting sport, the movements of competing for the ball, passing the ball, bouncing the ball into the basket… exert a great force on the bones, and at the same time release the muscles. Learning basketball from a young age helps children have a good physical foundation, creating motivation for bones to develop.

In addition, playing basketball also stimulates the production of growth hormone – a condition for height development. Children are enhanced blood circulation, metabolism, energy metabolism, at this time the body will absorb nutrients better. Playing basketball helps children to be flexible with their limbs, strengthen their endurance and flexibility.

Practice stretching exercises

Some stretching exercises have the effect of stretching bones, children can practice at home, school or participate in group activities. Thereby, the child’s bones are stretched and trained to be flexible. Practice time can be applied in the morning after waking up and late in the afternoon.

Single swing

The barbell is an effective height increase exercise at all ages. You can let your child practice swinging the bar at home, as long as you have a solid bar. The steps to practice the barbell are as follows:

  • Let your child cling to the bar with both hands, palms facing inward or outward depending on his habit.
  • Ask your child to put strength into his arms and shoulders, slowly bringing his whole body up, until his chin is above the bar. In the first practice sessions, I encourage you to pull yourself up as high as you can, then practice more the next time.
  • Hold this position for 3-5 seconds, bring the body back to the free hanging state and then continue the movement.
  • A training session children can perform 10-15 times, increasing after a while.


Jumping rope is an exercise to increase height suitable for children who are afraid of strong movements, especially girls. Jumping rope helps children release muscles, stretch the bones in the legs, flexible hands… Jumping rope can be done every day, parents should combine with their children to practice related exercises to improve motor performance.


Jump on the spot

The child’s body in a normal state has compression of bones and joints, jumping to help children get rid of this situation and release bones. Mothers can let their children practice jumping 10-20 times a day, combined with playing sports to grow taller.


Children 7 years old can ride a bike suitable for their current body, cycling helps children strengthen muscles in their legs, training their balance ability. Children cycling every day will train their bones to be durable and supple, stimulate height growth, especially lengthen their legs. Cycling can be done outdoors or done on an exercise machine at home.


Jogging helps to increase physical strength and helps the body to secrete growth hormone. After a period of jogging, you will feel the positive changes of the body, the mood is comfortable, the limbs are also more flexible. For children who are just starting to practice, you can let them walk for 2-3 days, then speed up to running.

According to Howtogrowtaller , in order for 7-year-old children to achieve the standard height and weight, parents need to have a scientific care plan both in terms of nutrition and daily exercise. Please note that sleep is also very important for your child, practice putting your child to bed on time (before 10 p.m.) and getting enough sleep for 8-10 hours a day to achieve optimal growth.

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