How to eat to increase height at the age of 20?

Do you know how to eat to increase height at the age of 20? A scientific way of eating will help you grow by 2-3cm even after puberty…

The “dwarf mushrooms” always wonder how to be taller when they are already at the age of “early 2”. Revealed, even though you’re out of teen years, you can still grow at least 2cm taller. Some of you can even grow up to 8-10cm after puberty. You want to increase height at the age of 20, work hard to follow the diet below to answer the question of what to eat to be taller at the age of 20.

The end of adolescence is the time when the body matures fully. Therefore, the need for calcium supplements for bones is very necessary.

These height increase menu lists help provide abundant calcium for the body. In addition, the content of minerals and vitamins in the above foods is also sufficient for you.

These menu templates help provide adequate energy, calcium, minerals and vitamins necessary for you to work every day, and at the same time stimulate height growth. For a week, you can cycle through these 3 suggestions:

List of foods to increase height


– Eat on time, eat out.

– If you have not had the habit of drinking milk, from now on, practice using this calcium-rich food. On average, every day you should feed your body 600ml of milk to help increase height at the age of 20.

– Limit sweet foods with a lot of sugar such as candy, soft drinks. Instead, replace nutritious snacks such as sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, melon seeds, cheese, yogurt, …

Increase the height

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