How to get taller with surgery


Some people will go to extreme lengths to do their goals and growing taller is no exception. Although diet and nutrition is a good way to increase your height naturally, many people are turning to surgery to help them stand a little taller. Here is information about adding inches to your height using surgery.

Surgery to Increase Height

Originally used to correct limb abnormalities and to help little people do a more normal height, limb-lengthening surgery has increased in popularity in areas where people tend to be below average height such as China and India. The surgery consists of cutting the bone in the thigh or lower leg and fitting the legs with rings that will keep the broken parts of the bone separated. The goal is to get the body to fill in the gaps with new bone. The rings are adjusted on a daily basis until the person has achieved his or her desired height.


It takes about 10 days to grow 1 centimeter of new bone and almost three weeks for it to strengthen. Growth is not unlimited, however. At a certain point, the muscles in the legs become too stretched and the joints stiffen which usually signals it is time to stop the procedure.

The patient is encouraged to eat calcium-rich foods like milk, cheese, and leafy green vegetables to support the limb-lengthening process. Physical therapy and at-home exercises are also prescribed to strengthen the new bone.

The Benefits and Disadvantages of Limb Lengthening Surgery

The primary benefit to the surgery is that it works. Depending on the person’s physiology, a patient can gain 3 to 6 inches using limb-lengthening surgery. However, that is the only positive thing that can really be said about it. The procedure is extremely painful because the limb is being “broken” on a constant basis to force the body to grow. Usually, though, the patient will be prescribed pain medication to ease the discomfort. Most patients are confined to a wheelchair during and for a short time after the surgery to give the bones a chance to grow strong and support the person’s weight.


Barring any serious complications like infection setting in, the surgery can take up to two years to complete depending on how much height the patient wants to gain. It is also prohibitively expensive, costing upwards of $85,000 or more. It is also only available in a limited some countries. Unless there is a congenital defect that requires the surgery to correct, most insurance companies will consider limb-lengthening surgery to be a cosmetic procedure and will not pay for it. The money must come out of your pocket if you choose to do it.

There are other more natural ways to gain inches without the pain and cost associated with limb-lengthening surgery. If you are looking for an organic way to grow taller, take a look at the products we have reviewed. We searched the globe looking for information on how to become taller and found several products that have been proven to help people get the height they want and deserve.

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