How to grow tall with stem cells?


Being tall provides a wide variety of benefits. Whether it’s greater attention from the opposite sex, more mobility in your professional career, running with an advantage in certain sports, or simply improving your physical presence, being a little taller than average is always a good thing.

Today, you will find a number of techniques and practices that stimulate growth in various ways, helping us reach our maximum potential height.

One of the methods that have been used and researched to grow taller is stem cells and the role they play in our body.

Stem cell therapy is the last frontier that man is currently exploring and seeks to take advantage of several of its potential uses, one of them being the possibility of increasing our height.

What are Stem cells?

First, for you to realize how powerful and important stem cells can be, I can tell you that the development of new stem cell-based therapies could significantly improve and extend the lives of people with currently incurable medical conditions, such as diabetes, degeneration, osteoarthritis, and spinal cord injuries.

Stem cells are functionally defined as those cells that have the ability to self-renew and the ability to generate differentiated cells. More explicitly, stem cells can generate daughter cells identical to their mother (self-renewal), as well as produce progeny with a more restricted potential (differentiated cells).

This is why they become so important when it comes to using them for different functions that our body needs to go through. They are involved in a wide variety of processes that occur within the body, which makes them extremely important.

The replication power and capacity of stem cells is why they have so much potential to improve health.

How can they increase our height?

The capacity for self-renewal makes them powerful and therefore it is reasonable to say that a cell that can more than double in number without oncogenic transformation can be termed “capable of extensive proliferation.”

Taking this into account, along with the fact that we also have these cells in our bones, numerous studies have been conducted in this area to develop the reactivation of the growth function of bones, as well as other parts of the body.

Similar to what happens with the Ilizarov Method, we can cultivate more bone structure with the help of Stem Cells. Increasing our height as a result.

Bone growth

Chondrocytes are a type of stem cells that secrete and maintain cartilage. Proper use of these cells with their ability to form new differentiated cells such as those that produce osteoblasts has been shown to cause synthesis and form new bone in the body.

Given the differentiation of stem cells to the role that bone-forming osteoblasts play, you may still have the potential to grow.

Ilizarov method

This technique allows the correction and formation of new bone tissues and structures through the cutting and displacement of specific bone parts in the extremities.

That way (and through the correct rehabilitation process) you can help your body make more bone and tissue. Improving your posture, height and correcting possible deformities.

Stem cells could do the same if they are properly inserted into the matrix of the bone structure after the bone has been cut. It’s just a matter of time.

Studies on Stem Cells and Bone Growth

The fact is that stem cell studies have been carried out with the main objective of treating different health problems, not height specifically.

However, there have been studies, such as the case of Alexander Teplyashin, a Russian plastic surgeon, who reported increasing the length of sheep’s legs through the use of stem cells.

Findings were made during preclinical trials that concluded that stem cells can be used to generate new bone and tissue.

Alexander is a doctor whose Ph.D. focused on microbiology and unique plastic surgery techniques. Therefore, he was already familiar with the use of cells in surgery for cosmetic purposes before the research was done.

The book “Bone Regeneration, Growth Factors, Augmentation Procedures and Tissue Engineering Applications”, Chapter 4, entitled “Bone Tissue Engineering: Synthetic Materials and Stem Cells” was written by Alexander Teplyashin, El Kulneva and SV Korzhikova. Read it if you can, it is very interesting and talks about this exact topic. You can find it on Amazon.

These people are part of the team at the cell technology center that has developed a method for bone restoration.

It is based on the implantation of biological equivalent bone created on the basis of its own stem cells. This method is effective for the recovery of large defects and bones, including lengthening of the limbs.

The method has been successful in preclinical trials!

China is another place where stem cells have been used to increase height through these types of therapies. Implanting cells in the bone to promote growth and improve height through limb lengthening procedures is relatively common in this country.

So there is hope for the future if you want to access this type of treatment, but know that it will cost you.

These types of beauty clinics are generally for the rich and affluent. But over time, it may become relatively affordable for the rest of us.

Latest Research on Stem Cells

Stem cell research, which aims to develop new cell therapies, has accelerated at a surprising rate in recent years.

Research in stem cell biology is opening up new platforms to launch even more spectacular developments, occupying the pages of the main scientific journals in the world.

At the forefront of the application of stem cell research are clinical studies to find the means to eradicate the most dangerous cell of all: the cancer stem cell that malignant seeds in our blood and forms solid tumors.

There are also rapidly evolving strategies to cure HIV / AIDS, regain sight from blindness, potentially cure Type I diabetes, use stem cells to deliver gene therapy, and cure other motor neurons and demyelinating diseases.

Then yes! Additional stem cell research can develop therapies that can be used to grow new bone and add inches to your height in a couple of months. It’s just a matter of time.


This specific topic needs more research if we are to use stem cells to generate new bone and grow in a couple of months without side effects or negative consequences.

Stem cell studies are constantly being done around the world and progress is inevitable, but we are still in the early ages of cell manipulation.

Using this type of therapy has been shown to significantly improve your health in many ways. Its potential is unprecedented, which is why it has been studied and researched so much.

It is very likely that, over time, we will use stem cells to increase our height by adding a couple of centimeters to our bone structure, without too high costs.

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