How to grow taller at 12?


Age 12 means the average onset of puberty. Teenagers during puberty will experience rapid physical growth and psychological changes, culminating in sexual maturity. You should really get serious if you don’t want your height lag behind others’. How to grow taller fast at 12?

Proper nutrition


Adolescents especially boys seem like they’re hungry all the time. This is because to grow big and tall, our body needs lots of energy. Calories are the measurement used to express the energy delivered by food. According to healthchildren, boys require about 2800 calories per day, and girls 2200 calories per day. Below is a list of top 5 high calorie foods for your body growing tall.


  1. Fats & Oils (Beef Tallow, Lard, Fish Oil, Vegetable Oil): 902 calories(100g)
  2. Nuts & Seeds (Macadamia Nuts): 718 calories (100g)
  3. Nut & Seed Butters (Peanut Butter): 590 calories (100g)
  4. Chocolate (Dark 70-85% Cacao): 598 calories (100g)
  5. Dried Fruit & Fruit Juices (Prunes): 339 calories (100g)


Half of our body weight is made up of protein. Teenagers favorite protein sources include beef, chicken, turkey, pork, fish, eggs and cheese.


According to a report of the Food and Nutrition Board of the Institute of Medicine, all teenagers need at least 130 grams of carbohydrates each day. The major sources of carbohydrates are cereals, fruit and vegetables.

Vitamins and Minerals

Teens tend to most often fall short of their daily quotas of calcium, iron and zinc.

Get enough sleep

Sleep is vital to your well-being. Better sleep can help you to eat better and manage the stress of being a teen. Teens tend to stay up late and sleep in late on the weekends. Irregular sleep patterns can affect your biological clocks and hurt the quality of your sleep. Teens need about 8-10 hours to function best. The right sleeping posture is sleeping on your spine which can improve the quality of your sleep.


Improving posture

An important aspect of growing taller is to improve your body posture. This directly links to your spinal back, as this makes up about 1/3 of your overall height. Well, do you know that 90% of people do have poor body posture which results in them having lesser height than they actually should be? Modern day activities like using the computer and watching TV often leads to slouched body, which may result in a few inches losses in height. People who also face spinal cord problem like scoliosis may often lose a few inches in height if not rectified immediately.

Eliminating junk food

The next step you have to do to manage your diet to grow taller is to eliminate all junks at your home that will bring you nowhere near your height goal. Food that is high in sugar and fats that has little nutritional value to help you grow taller should not be consumed. Chips, cakes, sweets, fried food, should be avoided at all costs if you want to grow taller at 12 years old

Drink enough water

Water is essential to grow taller as all the vitamins, minerals that you have consumed into your body have to be transported and disseminated around the body and that is the function of water. Drinking at least 2 liters of water is important. Without water in your system, no matter how healthy you eat, it won’t get distributed around your body, and your body will have a hard time growing bigger.


Weight training

Many people think that weightlifting can stunt growth and prevents growth. The truth is, many growth hormones are released when you do weights exercises, and it is essential for you to grow taller. One of the best weight training exercises is using the bench press! It certainly release tons of millions of growth hormone.

Do not use extremely heavy weights as this will cause excessive pressure on your spine and leg. The best way to know if you are using the right weight for weight training is when you can do a set of between 8-10 repetitions with some difficulty. That weight is not too light, neither it is too heavy!

Exercise regularly

Teenagers are recommended to get vigorous exercise in for about an hour a day at least 3 days a week. Regular physical activities can help you grow taller fast.

Aerobic Exercise

You must interest in one of the sports like basketball, football, volleyball, running, cycling, swimming, etc. Choose your favorite activity and do it at least 3 times a week.

Hanging (with ankle weights)

Make sure to do this on a high bar that allows you to hang your leg freely in air. The gravitational pull acting on your upper body when you do hanging can forces the distance between your spinal discs to be further apart, thus allowing extra gain in height. The use of additional ankle weight is to increase the gravitational force acting on your back, which can allow better results.

Additional supplements

We assume that your daily diet can meet your daily requirements of minerals and vitamins to grow taller. However, some people fail to meet the minimum requirement of these elements to grow taller. Thus, we would recommend that you take in additional supplements to meet the minimum requirement if you are not getting what you need from the food you eat.

There are many supplements out there sold in stalls, ranging from calcium, zinc, magnesium supplements, to even supplements that aid to boost growth hormones like L-arginine and L-ornithne. While it is fine to consume these supplements, you have to make sure that you are consuming the right amount of these supplements.

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