How to Grow Taller In A Week


Many believe that gaining height is impossible within seven days. Well, think of that no more.

Over the years, doctors have developed techniques to gain height by at least half an inch after a week. This means that in 30 days, you can successfully increase your height by two inches. And if you are persistent enough, you can be 6 inches taller in 90 days.  How to grow tall in a week is now a question you can answer optimistically.

In this fast pace life, we are all in rush to do things that we even want to hasten the rate by which we increase in height.  You do not really have to worry if you seem hasty because none of us probably wants to prolong our agony, may it be lack of height or anything else.

Growing taller in a week seems impossible. Not even your growth booster pills can do it. Surgery, maybe, but how many actually can afford surgery? Aside from the fact that surgery and pills are a little expensive, you are not even sure if you will still be the same person as you are afterwards.

Growth Pills and other artificial methods marketed to increase height pose risks and may result in unpleasant side effects.  That is why more doctors are recommending natural ways to grow taller. How to grow taller naturally is easy and affordable since it simply entails you to perform activities that you would normally do on a daily basis. You don’t have to spend a substantial amount of your savings just so you can increase your height at a fast rate.

Growing taller includes activities such as 10 minutes of daily exercising, proper diet, good posture, and enough sleeping hours.  Growing tall by inches may take weeks. But if you will follow the natural methods of increasing height, you may be able to see results during the first week.

Here, you will learn how to get desirable results in your quest to gain additional height.

A piece of advice, if you want to succeed in this endeavour is that you must, first and foremost, define your intentions. It gives us more inspiration if we are doing something not for anybody else but for ourselves. Think that you are doing this for yourself and not for the people around you. Setting goals in order to achieve personal satisfaction will help you gain confidence in everything you do.  Find ways to increase your height to be more attractive than you are now.  Tall men are more attractive to women as tall women with long legs are more attractive to men.

Being tall also gives you the image that most people respect. So if you want to be respected by the people around you, especially, if you are a boss, you would surely want to increase your height a few inches more. Let’s learn about the secret to increasing height in 1 week through the following article of

How To Grow Taller In a Week Through Proper Diet

Proper diet is very essential to become taller. Our body needs certain vitamins and minerals to grow. Protein, calcium, and amino acids trigger major parts of our body to develop and increase in size and function further.

We need protein because it is needed for muscle development. Protein is also responsible for the secretion of the Human Growth Hormone (HGH) released by the pituitary gland.

Being past the puberty period does not mean that the pituitary gland stops secreting Human Growth Hormone. HGH is produced throughout a person’s life, but it slows down after puberty. That is why we need to eat protein-rich foods to keep the HGH going.

Foods rich in protein are eggs, milk, and other dairy products as well as green leafy vegetables.

Foods rich in carbohydrates and fats must be minimized, if not avoided, because they block the protein intake of the body, which in turn inhibits continuous growth and development. You must also eat food items that are rich in calcium, as this mineral is proven to help strengthen the bones.


How To Grow Taller In a Week Through Exercise

There are specific types of exercises advised during the first week of an individual’s growing tall quest. Most are stretching routines that seek to further develop the muscles and straighten the spine for good posture.

Exercise 1: Stand very straight while feet are together.  Raise arms as high as possible while inhaling through the nose. When you go back to your comfortable position, slowly inhale through the mouth. Do this three times.

Exercise 2: Stand straight with feet apart. Put your hands at your nape then start stretching upwards. Then slowly bend to the right keeping the position of your elbows and arms. Exhale through the mouth while bending. When you return to the normal position, exhale through the nose. Then try stretching to the other direction.

Exercise 3: Stand straight with feet together. Then slowly bend your head and chest backwards inhaling through the nose. Exhale through the mouth when you go back to your original position.

Proper breathing is necessary when exercising. It helps you cope up with the hard muscle workouts. The other exercises facilitate the complete stretching of the body.

How To Grow Taller In a Week Through Proper Posture

Proper posture adds about two inches to your height. When you slouch while standing or sitting, your spine, which comprises 35 percent of your total height, tends to bend and give you an image similar to that of a short person.

If you develop proper posture, your spine will straighten; thus, will add more inches to your height.  When you stand, make sure your back is straight. When you sit, make sure your back is straight against the backrest.

Raising your chin up helps you stand or sit straight. You can also develop good posture while you sleep by lying your back straight on the bed with head slightly lifted.


How To Grow Taller In a Week With Enough Sleep

Our Human Growth Hormone is released more actively during the first hours of our sleep.  The gland secreting the HGHs produces more HGH as we sleep longer.  The recommended number of hours of sleep is 8 hours every day. Lack of sleep increases stress levels, which is one of the causes of stunted growth and development.

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