How To Increase Height By 20cm During Puberty

Puberty is the time when the body has enough conditions to repair and compensate for the shortcomings of stature in the previous stages. At this time, your height can completely increase by 20cm if the requirements for nutrition, exercise and sleep are fully met. However, to achieve this growth rate requires you to have a way to increase your height by 20cm at puberty scientifically. To increase height effectively, you first need to understand the body changes during this age.

When does puberty start?

Puberty is a process of physical changes and stature that help you develop to the full extent of your body’s physical appearance and ability to reproduce. During the first half of puberty, the growth in stature, especially in height, takes place very strongly.

20cm increase in height during puberty

  • Puberty will start around 11-12 years old and end around 16-17 years old, if you’re a boy. If you hit puberty before the age of 9, it is considered precocious puberty, and after the age of 14, it is considered late puberty.
  • If you’re female, the average age of puberty begins at 10-11 years old and ends around 15-17 years old. If puberty occurs before age 8, it is considered precocious puberty and after age 13 is considered delayed puberty.

Early puberty or late puberty both affect the height development of the body. In particular, early puberty can make you shorter than your peers and the rate of reaching the standard height as an adult will be very low.

Can puberty increase height by 20cm?

Puberty is a period of tremendous growth in stature thanks to the strong activity of the endocrine glands in the body. Therefore, at puberty, your height can completely increase by 20cm and more! Whether your height grows to the maximum or not depends on a healthy lifestyle with a nutritious balanced diet, proper exercise and rest. However, first of all, you need to understand the factors that affect height during puberty.

Factors affecting height during puberty

There are many factors that affect height during puberty. Here are the big impact factors that you need to know to build a reasonable height growth plan/timetable.


Of the 4 factors affecting height, nutrition accounts for 32%, which is the most important factor determining bone growth. A nutritious meal will:

  • Provides essential nutrients for bones to achieve maximum growth rate.

  • Take full advantage of genetic development potentials.

  • Creates an energy source for the body to perform activities that stimulate bone growth.

Besides investing in nutrition in meals, you also need to pay attention to your eating habits. Unhealthy eating habits are also a cause of your body not getting enough nutrients needed for bone growth.


Movement determines 20%, bringing direct and indirect effects on bone growth as well as height. Movement helps:

  • Stimulating force, repelling early ossification due to inactivity.

  • Increases flexibility and flexibility of joints.

  • Stimulates the production of growth hormone by the pituitary gland.

  • Maintain a healthy body weight.

  • Build and maintain muscle mass.

Being physically active is a way to increase your height by 20cm during puberty that you need to do continuously. Every day, spend at least 20 – 45 minutes for exercise, joining sports clubs is also a way to encourage sports spirit.


Sleep plays an important role in the growth of height, because most of the process of increasing height takes place when the body is at rest. A good night’s sleep helps:

  • Stimulates pituitary gland to produce growth hormone to the maximum.

  • Create conditions for tissues, cells and organs in the body to regenerate.

  • Time for joints to compress and recover.

However, one important thing you need to remember is that sleep only maximizes the above effects when you meet the 2 conditions of getting enough sleep (at least 8 hours per night) and sleeping on time. from 10 p.m. daily).

Growth hormone

Growth hormone is involved throughout the body’s development from birth to adulthood. Puberty is the period when this hormone is most active, combining with other hormones to maximize bone growth.

  • Stimulates the growth of bone cartilage cells.

  • Improves bone density and mass through stimulation of cell metabolism.

  • Maintain the balance of muscle and adipose tissue.

Investing in quality sleep is a way to stimulate the pituitary gland to secrete the highest levels of growth hormone. In addition, the exercise and use of 3 amino acid supplements (L-Arginine, L-Lysine and L-Ornithine) is also a way to stimulate the production of this hormone.


Gender is also a factor affecting height growth. When you hit puberty, your body produces sex hormones. This hormone is responsible for:

  • Involved in the process of bone formation and destruction.

  • Maintain bone mass and density at a stable level, increase bone length.

  • Testosterone increases the deposition of Calcium.

  • Perfecting the growth of the cartilage discs.

However, the earlier sex hormones appear, the time to grow taller is also shortened. Therefore, controlling sex hormones to avoid precocious puberty is also essential to achieving a standard adult height.

What should I eat to increase my height by 20cm during puberty?

To increase your height by 20cm during puberty , you need to ensure that you provide enough nutrients for your body. Below are the groups of nutrients and the levels needed for height growth.

Protein – Boost

For bone growth, protein has the following roles:

  • Energy balance for the body

  • Involved in metabolism

  • Boost immunity

  • Build and maintain the health of the musculoskeletal system

  • Supports bone and joint development

Protein-rich foods: Egg whites, chicken breast, meat (beef, pork), fish (anchovies, salmon, tuna), nuts (almonds, pumpkin, chestnuts), beans (beans), lentils, soybeans), cheese, yogurt,…

Fat – Balanced

Getting the right amount of fat each day is one way to:

  • Improve sleep quality

  • Prevention of rheumatoid arthritis conditions

  • Treat depression, keep your mind stable

High-fat foods: Eggs, avocados, dark chocolate, Fatty fish (Fatty Fish/Oils Fish group), nuts (especially chia seeds), olive oil, coconut and coconut oil, yogurt.

Starch – Balance

Starch is an indispensable nutrient for the body, because this nutrient plays a role in creating energy for the body to perform activities.

Starchy foods (healthy): Brown rice, oats, whole grains, legumes, sweet potatoes, fruit, wheat.

Fiber – Fortified

Adding more fiber in the diet is a way to stimulate the activity of the digestive system, helping the body’s nutrient absorption process take place more efficiently.

  • Improve digestive system health

  • Contributes to the purification and detoxification of the body

High-fiber foods: Pumpkin, banana, coconut, vegetables (spinach, Brussels sprouts, okra, broccoli/white), artichokes, sweet potatoes, corn, oats, legumes.

nutrients to increase height by 20cm during puberty

Vitamins – Boost

Each vitamin plays a different role in the body. For bone growth, you need to increase vitamin D, vitamin E and vitamin C.

  • Necessary for the development of bones and body

  • Involved in the formation of collagen in joints

  • Boost the health of the immune system

Foods rich in vitamins: Fish (tuna, salmon, sardines, herring, caviar, cod), seafood (abalone, snail, crayfish, octopus, lobster), egg yolk, cereals cereals and oats, seeds (sunflower, almonds, pumpkin), peanuts, fruits and vegetables.

Minerals – Enhancement

Calcium is a key component of bone structure. Therefore, calcium supplementation is the first thing to pay attention to. In addition, other nutrients also contribute significantly to the development of bones, so they also need to be supplemented. In particular, girls reaching puberty need iron supplements to avoid anemia.

  • Essential for the formation, stabilization and strengthening of bone density and bone mass

  • Supports calcium deposition and absorption

Mineral-rich foods: Green leafy vegetables (Kale, bok choy, broccoli, spinach, beets), Shellfish (oysters, crabs, shrimp, mussels), soybeans, milk and dairy products (cheese, yogurt, …)

Suggest exercises to help increase height during puberty

Raise your hips

Raising hips is one of the effective exercises to increase height during puberty. In addition, this exercise also helps to increase the curvature of the lower spine and upper back, creating favorable conditions for the continued growth of bones.

Exercises to increase height by 20cm during puberty

Implementation steps:

  • Step 1: Lie on your back with your arms straight, palms down, and legs close to your butt.

  • Step 2: Raise your hips up, so that your back, hips and knees form a straight line.

  • Step 3: Contract your glutes, pull your abs so that your legs and shoulders support your body weight.

  • Step 4: Hold the pose for at least 30 seconds and repeat 3-4 times.

Crossbar swing

Swinging the crossbar is a familiar exercise for teenagers. Not only strengthens the arms, shoulders and chest, swinging the bar also helps to stretch the back vertebrae, creating conditions for bone development.

swinging bar increase 20cm height at puberty

Implementation steps:

  • Step 1: Stand up straight, raise your hands up to shoulder width apart, grip the bar.

  • Step 2: Using the force in your arms, lift your body up so that your chin is level with the bar, and at the same time cross your legs behind.

  • Step 3: Hold the pose for 30 seconds and repeat about 3-4 times.

Puppy Pose

Puppy Pose is very simple and easy to make. This exercise helps to increase height by flexing the spine, leg muscles, thereby helping the bones to grow

yoga to increase height by 20cm during puberty

Implementation steps:

  • Step 1: Start in a crawling position with your knees and hands touching the ground.

  • Step 2: Fix the knees, and at the same time move the hands forward until the abdomen is stretched.

  • Step 3: Hold this pose for 60 seconds and repeat 3-4 times.

Stretching legs

This height increase exercise stretches and strengthens the intercostal muscles. While doing the leg stretch, make sure that the muscles are pulled along from the lower back and up to the shoulders to promote height growth.

Stretching legs increase 20cm height at puberty

Implementation steps:

  • Step 1: Stand straight with your feet shoulder-width apart, hands resting on your hips (or holding in front of your stomach).

  • Step 2: Bend left leg, stretch right leg. To increase the effect you can lightly click the right foot several times.

  • Step 3: Perform stretching of the right leg for 20 seconds and do the opposite with the left (about 5-7 times each leg).

Low crescent moon pose

The low crescent pose exercise helps you strengthen your back and shoulder blades, while lengthening your legs to increase height.

Posture to increase height by 20cm during puberty

Implementation steps:

  • Step 1: Stand up straight, step forward with left foot, hands clasped together and raised overhead.

  • Step 2: Bend your left knee, straighten your right leg as much as you can, arching your back.

  • Step 3: Hold the pose for about 30 seconds and do the same with the other leg (about 5-7 times each leg).

Puberty is the time when the body is fully qualified to overcome the shortfalls in stature in the previous stages. Based on the suggestions about the groups of nutrients and the necessary levels, as well as how to increase height , you can make a reasonable height increase plan to stimulate bones to grow 20cm longer and more!

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