How to increase height naturally


Well, this is going to be a really interesting post! Many people, who want to grow taller, would definitely be hunting for millions of ways to gain those additional inches. Fret not! Today, I am going to reveal to you ALL the different ways of how to increase height! Some of these measures may seem to be disturbing; some may be a little unethical while others may be really effective! Choose your options wisely! You live once, that’s it!

Increase in growth hormone Naturally

The best way to gain height is through the natural means. This is by means of the production of natural growth hormones by various day-to-day activities. Everyone grows tall as they age and enter their adolescent year which is the natural process of mankind.


Chemically and biologically, the growth hormone spurts strengthens children to grow taller which cause the bones to lengthen and grow thicker. People never question on their natural growth, but there is actually a reason behind this biological process as well!

It is related to proper diet, correct routine exercises, adequate rest/sleep and a healthy mental state. Even when you are done with your first growth spurt while being younger, you could take advantage of these factors NOW to trigger a second growth spurt by invigorating an enhancement in the production of human growth hormone!

Nutritious & balanced Diet

First and foremost, natural how to increase height graph need a nutritious and balanced diet for your body to acquire the necessary vitamins and minerals to grow taller. Do not just consume junk/fast foods, snacks, cakes, pastries etc. as they resist the initiation of your second growth spurt! What helps you is a diet enriched in protein, calcium, zinc and water intake, without the unhealthy fats and carbohydrate!


Nutritious diet: As stated, you need a balanced diet to gain the maximum growth benefits! You cannot just have egg whites all through the day, or just drink milk throughout! You need some amount of carbohydrate, a little of fat along with a large amount of protein and calcium. It is better to cook at home as having such nutritious diets really offers great results! Most eateries put chemical additions and preservatives to their food which are certainly not required and may even deter the growth process.

Protein shakes: In addition to nutritious diet, it is also indispensable to consume protein shakes in your how to increase height routine, particularly after workouts as this will stimulate the creation of additional growth hormones that assists in your goals.

Supplements: In addition to the above stated nutritious diet, some people may not be able to get the necessary minerals and vitamins from their daily food intake; for them zinc or calcium supplements to meet the daily growth requirements proves beneficial!


If you are a couch potato and want to gain those additional inches, you need to start exercising on daily basis. During exercise, your body releases more growth hormones that stimulate your bones to grow, thereby helping you grow taller. There are several exercise methods, especially meant to elongate your bones and cartilages that help you grow taller.

Weight training: Many people think that lifting heavy weights restrain the natural how to increase height process. However, it is not the fact; there are many growth hormones released while doing weight exercises. Among the best weight training exercises is the bench press which certainly releases tons of millions of growth hormones. However, it is always advisable to do bench press exercise after 16 years of age, provided you make use of the right weights.

Exercises like running and sprinting can also help to boost up the production of growth hormones. Did you notice that all sprinters are tall? Well, it is due to the regular exercises they do. When they sprint fast, they compel their leg to stretch to the core, and the tension caused while they run helps to release growth hormones. Cardio exercises are important for another reason, it helps to lose body fat and therefore, a lowered fat percentage in your body assists in releasing more growth hormones.


Stretching exercises: Stretching exercises are another way to gain height. It not only lengthens your muscles to accommodate your growing bones, but also helps in growth hormone secretion. The more intense the stretch, the more is the growth hormone released. You may have hears about the quote ‘no pain, no gain’; well, it really applies with the results of stretching exercises to make your body more flexible and get better growth results.


Sleep is essential with regards to a successful how to increase height plan. Doing exercises and stretching without a proper sleep leads to no benefits. When you are in a deep sleep, your pituitary gland secretes more growth hormones and it is during that time that the hormone is disturbed to result in height gain. At least 8-10 hours of sleep at night is necessary to achieve the same. Also, sleep without placing a pillow on your back as it helps to straighten and elongate your spine.

Little stress

Too much stressful things in mind may result in your natural growth process. It is not helping you to grow taller. Why do you need to be concerned about worldly matters when it is harming your body? A lot of stress in brain disables the pituitary glands to produce enough growth hormones. Have a peaceful mind and live a relaxing life to gain the fruitful height gain results naturally!

Artificially: Man-made ways to grow taller

Artificial methods can also be a solution to elongate your height, if the age of attaining natural growth has passed away. People who are depressed with their present height are so desperate that they even start doing things that most people find to be disturbing!

Some of these artificial measures are unethical and may associate dangerous side effects as well. The artificial ways of growing taller may somewhat promise height gain results, BUT there are some negative sides that may come with it. Anyways, there is no such instant means for implementing how to increase height measures. Even the artificial means take time to showcase the desired growth and the results may also vary. So, before adopting such measures, think twice!


There are artificial surgeries that are carried out to help you gain height through operating the legs (either the shin/thigh, medically known as tibia/femur respectively). They are of two types, internal and external. These surgeries however require you to be bed-ridden for months before you can go back to your normal lifestyle. Though the surgery can guarantee results, the increase in additional height may vary.

It takes place in countries where regulations are less strict. There, the doctors dare to take the risk of surgeries to help you extend the bones of legs up to 3-4 inches. The cost associated is also very high. It can go up to US$50-80K depending on the quality of surgery as well as the desired height gain.


Artificial Growth Hormone:

Some people may opt for artificial growth hormones so as to come up with beneficial results on the less extreme measure; however it can’t provide better benefits compared to surgeries. With these artificial hormones, you can gain that additional height depending on the usage duration and the patient’s bone age, though it may come with several side effects as well.

It is not only costly, but also effective only till the time your growth plates remain open. Some people also develop abnormal diseases and illnesses after using the artificial growth hormones. It has become a widely popular activity among athletes and can be taken as injections or oral forms. Imagine yourself putting unknown chemicals into your body and this method assists in the same.

Visually: Dressing/Fashion sense

Think of instant height gain and you have a lot that can be made used of to appear taller than you actually are! Just dress yourself perfectly to create a taller optical illusion with the how to increase height tips and you can be surprised to see someone whom you have not seen for a week taller by few inches that what they were on the previous meet. Human eye can be tricked to make you look taller and it is all about the visual perception!

Shoe insoles/heels

Heels are not just for females…It is now being used by men as well to add instant height. There are many shoe insoles available in the market that can be inserted in your shoes and you can look taller than what you actually are! Moreover, there’s nothing to be shy about the same as they can be easily inserted in your snookers without intimating anyone that you are actually using a shoe insole. High heeled shoes are also available for men nowadays. However, ankle straps should be avoided as they tend to make you look stunted. For females, heels can be as high as 6 to 8 inches along with a pointed look to add to their elegance. Wedges must be avoided by females as they give a shorter height impression.

Clothing patterns:

Vertical line patterns in outfits create a longer illusion than the horizontal patterns and provide an instant solution to look taller. Even a belt under shirt looks like a horizontal pattern and thus makes you look shorter and wider. Belts can be used, but they need to be hidden under your shirt.Look Longer with Single Colored Dress


Contrasting colours for top and bottom must be avoided. A yellow top with a black bottom makes your body looks divided into half and thus creates a shorter illusion. On the contrary, black top and black jeans create a one-piece illusion, making you look taller to some extent. So choose the best matched colors and they can help you gain height visually.


Necklaces help to create a longer neck and makes your upper body section look extended which serve as effective how to increase height planner. However, be sure to select necklaces that are long enough to touch the middle of your chest. Avoid heavily studded ones as they give an illusion of something pulling you down that makes you look shorter. For females, it is recommended not to wear studs but earrings that look long on your ears. Men can make use of scarves as accessories to help them look taller.

Outfit that just fits nicely:

Getting an outfit that fits nicely is also important to make you look taller and slimmer. Someone wearing a loose baggy top makes him/her look bulkier and wider, hence shorter. Apply this simple rule and see the change in height you gain in other’s eyes.

Psychologically: Altering the mental state

Always rememseeyourselfber that having a healthy mental state is an important aspect while formulating your how to increase height plan. Free your mind from too much stress and possess a healthy mind and grow taller mindset to achieve the best results while activating your second growth spurt.


Positive thinking:

You need to ththinkpositiveink positively to grow taller, to believe that you can and that it is achievable.You can go for self meditation, yoga classes etc. Relax your mind, set your goals right and be confident that you will reach that height! Forget about all your problems, the dilemmas that are troubling you! You have a bigger goal now, which is to grow taller! You need that mental state for the maximum positive results.

In conclusion,

I have clearly jotted down and clarified all the feasible ways to extend your present height. It is up to your perception and judgment to make the right choices. Wrong decision could lead you to destruction while the right ones may bring you great joy and happiness with increased height.

Regardless of your height gain goals, it is important to know that the process associates sacrifices in terms of time, money and effort. I would recommend the natural and safe means to add the desired inches to anyone who is interested to grow taller. In that, you just need to trick your body to produce more growth hormones without the need of injections, surgeries, pills and other harmful artificial measures.

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