How to look taller for both guys and girls!


I am sure that a lot of us probably hope and wish that we could just take some magic pill or go to sleep and voila! – we will gain a few inches by tomorrow. I certainly do not wish to be a wet blanket here, but you must understand that although it is not impossible to grow taller by applying certain methods outlined on this site or such in the case, growing taller certainly isn’t an overnight thing and there is no quick fix or overnight solutions to this problem of being not tall enough.

That being said, it is still not impossible to attain a few inches of height in an instant… There is actually a way that you can use to “cheat” yourself into looking that you are taller than you should be. What this means is that you do not really gain any “real” height at all, but just make yourself look a little bit taller with some work and effort.


If you might not have already guessed it by now… you are right – the method is how to look taller by working on your appearance! By carefully changing the way you dress – in terms of clothing, hairstyle, color and all, you can easily look a lot better and appear much more taller than you actually are! If you think this doesn’t really work, you should remember than fashion designers are doing this almost every single day for famous idols, celebrities and stars, so why not give this a try before claiming that it doesn’t work at all?

So let us start with all the different areas that you can try to alter today in order to look taller:


A smart choice of clothing is definitely important if you really want to make a difference in your height. Picking the right clothes can probably be classified as one of the best how to grow taller tips, as it is proven to work and effective for just a low cost and amount of work.

One should try to avoid clothes and waist belts with horizontal stripes or lines if they want to look taller. Of course you don’t have to remove waist belts completely from your dressing, but if you really need to wear them try to cover them by wearing a jumper or a sweatshirt. In order to gain the difference in height appearance, you should try to wear clothes with a vertical pattern, vertical lines or vertical stripes on them.

You can also try to avoid any patterns at all and wear clothes plain solid colors. Wearing an overcoat is also another great tip for you to look a bit taller. Of course, the best thing is to try out a lot of different combinations in front of the mirror and then see which ones suit yourself the best.


Color of your clothes and shoes

If you didn’t know, actually color has one of the most profound impact on our psychology, the way we think and also the way at how we look at others. A lot of us have been taking colors for granted and we don’t really notice the side effects of how colors play a part in certain cases. For instance, bright colors like red and orange can sometimes help to really grab one’s attention – and therefore the same can be said for colors when it comes to helping you on how to look taller.

The thing you would need first of all to do is to at least try and match your pants and shoes with the same colors, as this will definitely help your legs to look longer than they originally were. Then you should either not wear a belt at all, or make sure it is concealed as much as possible underneath something else like a sweatshirt or jumper.

Also remember the kind of first impression you want to give to someone, for instance if you want to attract a bit of attention then you should go for the bright colors like orange and red. If you want to apply for a job and going for an interview, then you should use “authoritive” colors such as gray, black or charcoal. If you just want to look a bit friendlier and approachable, then go for the colors such as pink, light green or light blue.



There are many different types and styles of hair that one can cut if he is concerned with his height. One should look towards framing his face and try to make his face look taller rather than wider in order to make his appearance seem a lot taller than he is. So what kind of hairstyles should one be looking for?

One should look for the hairstyles that actually have the shorter sides, as these would be the ones that carry the most impact. Hairstyles that appear higher when seen from the head would be the ones that give the impression of a extra few centimeters, and one should always try to avoid hairstyles with wide styles or any kind of hair extensions.

To conclude, it is not really that difficult to alter your appearance by just a bit into “cheating” your way towards looking just a little bit taller instantly. If you have already been doing this, then good for you – but you just want to try out different combinations of how you can look taller. Don’t just limit yourself to wearing striped vertical shirts, as you may be surprised there are certainly many other different ways on how you can look taller. For instance, you might want to check out Wikihow for a more comprehensive list of what you can wear in order to grow taller – for both guys and girls.

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