How To Make Yourself Taller – Things You Need To Know


Growing taller has become a dilemma for some people. Some concerns such as low self-esteem and not being qualified for a job can be the most adverse effect of being short. Therefore, medical practitioners and health professionals come up with different techniques to help you fight the feeling of inferiority and reach your dreams. Below are frequently asked questions (which might also be your questions) regarding height growth. Find out what works for your body.

Are there natural methods that will help me grow taller?

Yes. In fact, natural practices are the most effective methods to increase your height. All you need to do is to become healthy to support the needs of your body. When your body is healthy, it functions properly. The pituitary gland is the organ that produces growth hormones thus keeps you growing taller. If you are not careful with the way you eat and live, you may not be supplying the basic needs of your body so that it can grow naturally. As a matter of fact, if you stop trying to become healthy, it ends your rapid growth.

Natural practices such as sleeping, regular healthy diet, and exercises are the key ingredients that will increase your height, bring you vitality, and regain your youthful glow. In coordination with these practices, you must simultaneously eliminate bad habits such as intoxication, over-tiring your body, not-eating properly or eating junk foods, and not exercising. If you are used to these bad habits but are very willing to grow taller, you need a lot of motivation and determination to change, and a professional trainer or coach to back you up. Changing bad habits can be difficult, but the strong desire to change is the one that changes everything.

What kind of foods can help increase my height?

Foods that are rich in protein, calcium, carbohydrates, calories, vitamins and minerals help you grow a few more inches. If you eat an all-vegetarian food, that would be great. Green-leafy vegetables and starchy foods are the best food sources where you can get the nutrients your body needs so that your body will produce the right amount of growth hormones. You can always put variations in your diet. Try searching for healthy dishes and snacks that include fruits, nuts, peas, grains, dairy, milk, and pasta. Insufficiency of these examples may lead to growth gap.


What are the best exercises that promote height-increase?

Yoga is a very good form of exercise, it brings back the balance in our body and there are posses that are meant to elongate your body. Almost all Yoga positions can help you increase your height. Try enrolling to a yoga class and give your body a lot of stretch. Not only does Yoga exercise make you grow taller, it aids your body in fixing minor ailments as well. If you have problems in your backbones in which case that may be the reason that hinders you from growing taller, yoga is definitely the right exercise for you, enabling you to bring back its natural symmetry.

Other forms of exercises that can increase your height are cardiovascular exercises and gym exercises. What these exercises do to your body is not mainly to stretch your muscles and elongates your bone. They strengthen your bones and correct your poor posture.

Is it true that people stops growing taller after puberty?

There has been no proof for this claim. As mentioned earlier, if you stop eating and living healthy, your body lacks energy, thereby fails to do its function. However, feeding yourself with all-natural and healthy food and having a good health habit will help you grow taller even after puberty.

Does engaging in sports helps me grow taller?

The answer is a big YES. Sports do increase your height. Outdoor activities and sports such as swimming, cycling, basketball, volleyball, and tennis are the best examples. Aside from making you taller, these sports also make you fit, healthier, and improve weight gain.


Is it true that deep abdominal breathing makes you taller?

How true?—very true. A huge percentage of your body requires the use of oxygen. Proper and effective breathing is enough to make your grow taller and more beautiful. Exhaling in itself detoxifies your body thus, giving you a healthy glow. Shallow breathing stunts growth and traps toxins in your lungs. This is the reason why, people who are unaware of how to do proper breathing or abdominal breathing is more prone to sickness. Below are the steps to do proper breathing.

  • Place your right palm on your stomach and your left palm on your chest.
  • Breathe through your nose as you inhale. When inhaling, your stomach should be expanding. The proper way to inhale is to put the oxygen into your lungs by expanding your stomach.
  • Observe your right hand—it should be moving forward as your stomach expands. Then, observe your left hand—it shouldn’t be moving at all.
  • Exhale through your mouth. This time, your stomach should be contracting.
  • Now, observe your right hand—it should be moving closer to your body as your stomach tucks in. Finally, observe your left hand— again it shouldn’t move at all.

Is it safe to try cosmetic leg lengthening procedure?

Cosmetic leg lengthening procedure or Distraction Osteogenesis is safe as long as the patient has a positive attitude that will help him/her recover fast from the surgery. This procedure is highly painful, expensive and complex and may bring certain emotional distress to the patient after the operation. Distraction Osteogenesis is a process to lengthen bones and reconstruct bone deformities. As with any forms of surgical operation, certain risks may be associated with it, but these risks are much lower than conventional methods.

Is it safe to take supplements that promote height growth?

If taken in the right means HGH or Human Growth Hormones are said to be risk-free. Although it has been noted that HGH increases risk of colon cancer, prostate, and breast cancer, if prescription is taken under the full guidance of a health professional, these risks may be out of your body’s tract.

These methods are provided to you by specialists. Some of these methods may match or go against the type of your body. So choose well the tips and techniques that you think will work for you psychological, physically and emotionally speaking. Don’t forget to ask your doctor first regarding your chosen technique. Good luck!

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