Top 10 ways to increase height after puberty

Nutrition to increase height

Increasing height is a long journey, requiring a correct investment, at the right time (usually puberty). So for those who have passed puberty, how can you improve your height? Let’s find out the secret to growing taller after puberty in the following article.

Is it possible to increase height after puberty?

Human height grows continuously right from the womb until the cartilage growth layer is completely ossified. In particular, there are 3 times when height growth is strongest: fetal stage, first 3 years of life and puberty.

In fact, in the first two stages, the height difference is not so obvious and most parents are also quite subjective, thinking that puberty is the core time. However, what to do when, even after going through puberty, your height is still more limited than your peers?

Puberty (usually starting at 10 – 16 years old for girls and 12 – 18 years old for boys) is the time when height grows fastest and most in the body development stages. At this time, under the influence of sex hormones and growth hormones, bones are stimulated to grow stronger. The speed can reach 8-12cm in any 1-2 years.

After the reproductive and genital systems are completed, the amount of sex hormones decreases, the growth hormone is no longer as much as before, the height growth rate begins to decrease and stop completely at the end of the year. about 20 years old. From puberty to age 20, we still have a few years to grow in height.

Is it possible to increase height after puberty?

Opportunities and ways to increase height after puberty are still there but cannot be expected as in the previous period. The rate of body growth, as well as the degree of height increase in the post-pubertal period, has decreased by 4-5 times compared to the period of puberty, according to some studies on the mechanism of height growth in humans.

Scientific reports also show that: After puberty, the “growth plates” – the main structural components in the cartilage-joint joints, helping to lengthen bones have reduced “regeneration” and gradually stabilized in adulthood. Fort. However, in the period after puberty, the amount of hormone secreted has decreased up to 5 times compared to the period of puberty and is no longer “enough force” to stimulate and promote bone-cartilage growth.

Bones increase in length due to growth plates in the bone called epiphytes. By puberty, the growth plates mature and ossify, fuse, and stop growing at the end of puberty. The entire skeleton is constantly growing at the same time; The arms and legs stop first, then the arms and legs, with the last growing area being the spine.

Only, the length of the bones of the spine is still growing throughout the stages from prepubertal to middle age. However, the length of the spine has a maximum length limit of 71cm in men and 61cm in women.

If you have made the most of the length of your spine during puberty, you have no hope of increasing height from your spine. On the contrary, if you have not had a strategy to lengthen your spine before, you still have a chance to increase your height after puberty.

Thus, the method of increasing height for people after puberty is focused on taking advantage of all the “hidden” growth functions left over from the “growth plates” present in the articular cartilage and bone length. the spine is not “used” during puberty and after puberty.

The secret to increasing height after puberty is effective

Like puberty, the secret to increasing height for people after puberty should focus on external factors such as: Exercises to increase height after puberty, rest and scientific nutrition.

Scientific rest

Rest mode affects your natural height growth. A study shows that, during deep sleep, the body produces a large amount of hormones, promoting the process of stretching joints – cartilage. The amount of hormone secreted the most at the time of 23h – 1am.

Thus, sleeping 8-10 hours and going to bed before 11pm is a necessary condition to support the body’s height growth. In addition, sleeping early and getting enough sleep also plays an important role in health, physical and mental health. Sleeping early and getting enough sleep helps the body to be healthy, mentally alert, work and study efficiency will also be improved.

Besides, if you want to successfully increase your height after puberty, you should also spend time sunbathing in the early morning or late afternoon so that the body can synthesize Vitamin D from the sun, helping to absorb calcium better. .

Exercise – regular sports

Exercise – regular and appropriate sports will help the body produce many hormones, which are beneficial to increasing height. Exercise – sports movements also help stretch joints – bones, release the pinched cartilage. As a result, body height is improved through exercises and movements.

Exercises and sports that help increase height that are applied by many people today include:

Sports to increase height after puberty:

  • Swimming
  • Basketball
  • Volleyball
  • Swing
  • Jogging
  • Skipping
  • Cycling
  • Yoga

Gym workout

Some exercises to help increase height after puberty

  • Bar exercises
  • Jogging
  • Skipping
  • Cycling
  • Plank
  • Jump on the spot
  • Cobra pose
  • Shallow swimming exercise
  • Warrior Pose
  • Baby Pose

If you want to learn in detail about exercises to increase height after puberty through the article: “Exercises to increase height after puberty quickly”

Regular practice of these sports will actively support height growth and improve physique, especially those who have passed puberty. Choosing an appropriate exercise and persistently performing 60-90 minutes a day is your opportunity to successfully improve your “dwarf mushroom” height.

Sports to yoga exercises to increase height for men and women will really be more effective during puberty. Because at this time, the body is growing strongly with the continuous “regeneration” of the “growth plates” in the joints – cartilage, combined with an abundant amount of hormones secreted from the pituitary gland.

After puberty, the strong metabolic mechanism is no longer there, the “growth plates” have decreased “regeneration”, the weak hormone from the pituitary gland is not enough to stimulate body growth. In order for the exercises to increase height to work, the body needs to be supported. So, how to increase height for people after puberty?


Nutrition plays an important role in metabolism and directly affects the height growth of the body. Nutrients such as: Protein, carbohydrates, fats, minerals, vitamins.

In particular, calcium mineral is an indispensable nutritional ingredient in the menu to increase height for people after puberty. Calcium is the main component of bone structure. Lack of calcium causes slow bone growth, brittle and easy to break. Calcium and nutrients that support good height development are found in foods: Chicken, fish, shrimp, crab, green vegetables, fruits, milk and dairy products.

Ensure the body’s water needs

Water makes up most of the body, participates in most biological activities with the role of transmission. For the process of height growth, water participates in the formation of bone structure. Therefore, you need to make sure to fully replenish 1.5 – 2.5 liters of water per day. In addition to filtered water, you can use more juices from fruits, vegetables … to enhance nutrition.

Limit the use of stimulants

Alcohol, beer, tobacco or even carbonated soft drinks contain toxic substances, capable of destroying bone cells, inhibiting the growth of new cells. Some stimulants, if used for a long time, also make you face the risk of osteoporosis, bone fractures… You need to say no to these substances to complete the process of increasing height.

Sunbathe every day

In addition to food in your daily diet, you can supplement vitamin D by sunbathing 10-15 minutes/day. Sunlight has the ability to help the body synthesize a significant amount of vitamin D (especially vitamin D3) under the skin, through the mechanism of ultraviolet radiation. With this amount of vitamin D, the ability to absorb calcium increases, helping the bones to be comprehensively nourished.

Correct posture adjustment

Use foods to increase height

You have ended puberty but still have the ability to grow taller, you can use more supporting foods. This is a product that helps to supplement important nutrients for bones, accelerating the growth rate that is slow at the time of puberty.

However, you should pay attention to choosing products suitable for your body, easily absorbed forms, ensuring the following criteria:

Origin, provenance.

Obtained certification for product safety and quality.

Received many positive feedbacks.

Optimal composition for the body and ensures the right purpose of increasing height

Maintain a positive mood

A comfortable mind is a condition for the body to well absorb nutrients from the daily diet as well as improve exercise efficiency. People with a positive mood sleep better and are in better shape. Psychological factors are a supportive condition for the body to easily receive good things and prepare for the process of height growth.

Correct posture adjustment

Standing, sitting or lying posture directly affects bone health. When you perform the wrong posture, the spine can be adversely affected leading to injuries such as curvature, weak pelvis. Poor bone quality is the cause that makes it difficult for bones to grow in length. Therefore, always maintain a standard posture during the day such as:

Always stand up straight, avoid bending your legs when standing.

Sit up straight, let your feet comfortably touch the ground, do not cross your legs when sitting and keep a reasonable distance from the sitting position to the table.

Lie on your back or on your side, not on your stomach.

Do not stand, sit or lie in one position for too long.

Maintain a healthy weight

Weight status is related to an individual’s ability to increase height. People with thin bodies find it difficult to absorb nutrients and lack energy to exercise. Overweight and obese people have excess fat that presses on joints, making it difficult for bones to grow on schedule.

You can calculate BMI regularly to keep track of your standard weight. Some tips to help you achieve the desired weight to be ready to increase height are as follows:

Build a balanced diet menu of groups of substances.

Limit foods that are too sweet or too salty.

Limit processed foods, fast foods, etc.

Do not eat too much in the evening, especially before bedtime.

Calculate the amount of calories loaded into the body, if you eat too many calories, exercise to burn less.

After puberty ends, your body has several years to improve in height. If you haven’t invested enough during puberty, you can apply the 11 ways we’ve just shared to boost your body to its full potential. Note that, at this time, the growth rate is not as fast as before, so it needs patience and hard work.

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