Top 14 ways to increase height at age 15


How to increase height at age 15 to achieve the best effect? One of the “golden times” parents can easily improve their child’s height is at the age of 15. However, to help children increase their height at this stage, parents need to grasp the principles. nutrition as well as appropriate physical exercise for children. Let’s learn with Gettallerfast about how to increase height at the age of 15 effectively!

What is the standard height at the age of 15?

How tall is 15 years old? You can compare your height with the following standard height to see how many centimeters you are missing to meet the standard, thereby giving the right method to promote effective height growth.

  • The standard height of a male at the age of 15 is: 170 cm
  • The standard height of a female at the age of 15 is: 159.7 cm

If your height is still not up to the standard, don’t worry too much because if you apply the following methods and tips to improve height at the age of 15, you will promote rapid and optimal height growth. .

Does height increase after age 15?

When you reach the age of 15, your height growth rate will continue to be maintained until the age of 20, then it will stop growing. So if you are looking to improve your height after the age of 15 but are still wondering if your height is still growing, you can rest assured. Pay attention to the correct application of the following methods of increasing height to better understand this.

Effective ways to increase height at the age of 15

Complete nutritional supplement

For children to be healthy and to develop comprehensively, a nutritious diet is very important, especially for those aged 15. Accordingly, during this age, children need to be provided with all 4 groups of nutrients daily such as: Protein – starch – fat – vegetables. According to nutritionists, the protein supplement should account for about 10-15% of the total energy in general, starch accounts for about 60-65% and fat 10%.


Besides, vitamins and minerals also play a very important role in the height development of children at this age. In particular, each type of micronutrient will have its own uses and are contained in daily foods. Therefore, nutritionists recommend parents to diversify daily meals for children.

To be able to grow taller at the age of 15 quickly and effectively, you need to pay attention to adding foods rich in calcium, collagen type II and vitamin D to promote rapid and effective height growth.

So what to eat to increase height at the age of 15 effectively? To get the answer to this, you can refer to the following 15 height increase menu to improve height effectively.

Calcium needs to be supplemented during the day

To increase height effectively, you need to pay attention to adequate calcium in your daily diet to help bones grow, thereby helping to promote rapid and effective height growth.

Children under 6 months old: 300mg/day
From 7 to 12 months old: 400mg/day
From 1-3 years old: 500mg/day
From 4-6 years old: 600mg/day
From 7 to 9 years old: 700mg/day

Exercise regularly every day

At the age of 15 is also the time when children’s bones and joints are beginning to gradually improve, if you take advantage of this “golden time” diligently practicing sports, the chances of getting higher will be great. Because, when exercising, it will promote the body to increase the production of growth hormone, thereby helping to lengthen bones, increase flexibility and health.

In particular, during puberty, in order to have enough energy to function for the whole day, children will have to “load” a lot of food into the body. This is also the reason why some children will become obese and gain excess weight. Therefore, practicing sports will be essential to help burn calories effectively, bring a healthy body and a balanced, neat figure for children.

To help children increase height effectively, parents should let their children practice height-increasing sports that affect bones, relax vertebrae, stimulate growth, and promote height growth. of children takes place quickly and safely such as:


This is the most effective and natural way to increase height. If parents let children exercise for 1 hour every morning or evening, it will help the joints to be stretched to the maximum and continuously, thereby helping to develop effective height.

In addition, swimming helps the body produce a lot of growth hormone as well as helps to improve health very well, especially during puberty, this will be a sport that helps children’s height grow very well.


This is also a sport that works quite well in stimulating the height increase at the age of 15 for practitioners. To explain this, many experts believe that every time you ride a bike, the practitioner’s legs will be stretched again when the saddle and collar are raised higher than normal. When pedaling down, their legs will also have to stretch out to reach the pedals.

Therefore, applying this height-increasing cycling method will help your legs lengthen after a training process. Therefore, parents should spend 60 minutes for children to cycle every day on suitable roads to promote height growth in the best way.

Breathe soap

As one of the exercises that stretches the whole body, especially the lower body thanks to the effect of gravity, it must be mentioned in the sport of pull-ups. This subject is very suitable for men, helping to “release” the cartilage layers between the bones to develop better.

During exercise, with the impact of external forces, the ends of the bones are pulled apart, making new cartilage layers easily multiply, thereby helping bones grow faster. Therefore, if you work hard to pull up the bar 3 times a day, each time for 5 minutes, you will improve your height quickly in a short time.


If pull up bar is suitable for men, yoga exercises to increase height are very suitable for women. Regular practice of simple yoga poses such as cobra pose, mountain peak pose, triangle pose… will help children develop maximum height.


Basketball not only helps the body produce growth hormone, but this sport also requires you to regularly move and jump continuously to help stimulate cartilage growth, stretch the spine. With this sport, you should practice 3-4 times per week to help your height grow quickly and effectively at the age of 15.


If you are looking to improve your height at the age of 15, running is also a very effective exercise that you should not miss. When jogging, you should pay attention to regular exercise is enough, should avoid overtraining to increase height effectively.

Get enough sleep and improve your sleeping position

For children at this age, pay attention to go to bed on time because when falling into deep sleep, the child’s body will produce the most growth hormone, so if the child is healthy at night, it will disrupt the process. produce growth hormone and cause children to grow taller slowly.

  • Sleep time is set according to age
  • Newborns: 20 hours/day
  • Children over 6 years old: 10-12 hours/day
  • Teenagers (14-17 years old): 8-10 hours/day
  • People over 65 years old: 7-8 hours/day
  • Sleeping position helps to improve height effectively

To increase height quickly and effectively, mothers need to pay attention to improve the reasonable sleeping position for children to support the child’s height to grow quickly and effectively. A reasonable sleeping position is the position of lying on your back, arms and legs, stretching to help the skeletal muscles relax, thereby promoting rapid and effective height growth.

Pay attention to maintain posture

To be able to effectively increase height at the age of 15, you should pay attention to improve your posture, avoid standing and stooping to avoid diseases related to scoliosis. When sitting in a chair, remember to keep your child’s shoulders straight and chin high. In addition, you can use pillows or anti-hunchback belts to improve body posture.

One way to know if your sitting posture is straight or not is applied by many people is to put a book on your head, if the book is lying still and does not fall, then you are sitting in the correct posture. In cases where your spine is being bent too much, it may require the support of an orthopedic belt or in the worst case, medical intervention may be needed.

Limit fast foods

At the age of 15, many children have a preference for fast foods, but these foods are not only unhealthy, but they also do not provide the necessary nutrients for the body. Instead, give your child other calcium-rich foods such as cheese, yogurt, etc. to support rapid and effective height growth.

Nutritious breakfast

Many people often have the habit of skipping meals or not eating breakfast because they are busy or lazy, but this is a factor that hinders the growth of height. To increase height effectively, you need to pay attention to eating a nutritious breakfast, adding calcium in your daily diet to help increase height effectively at the age of 15.

In addition, if you do not know, eating breakfast also helps to improve the performance of the brain, helping you to study and work more effectively. So don’t forget to start your day with a nutritious breakfast to help increase your height at the age of 15 effectively

Avoid eating too many sweets

Sweet foods are one of the causes of obesity as well as many diseases that adversely affect health. Not only that, when adding too much sugar will cause the amount of calcium in the body to be excreted through the excretory system, leading to a deficiency of calcium that hinders the development of bones, thereby making you gain weight. slower height. So if you want to improve your height at the age of 15, pay attention to limit your sweets

Improve living environment

In order for children to grow taller quickly and effectively at the age of 15, mothers need to pay attention to improve their children’s living environment, avoid creating a stressful environment that affects the immune system, blood circulation, and confusion. hormone disorders of children, thereby adversely affecting the child’s nervous system and height development

Frequent exposure to sunlight

To help improve height quickly and effectively at the age of 15, you need to keep in mind that it is regularly exposed to the sun, this is a natural source of vitamin D for the body, helping the body to maintain good health. The body can absorb calcium in the daily diet, thereby helping to develop bones and support rapid growth in height.

Body weight control

To be able to increase height quickly and effectively, you need to pay attention to control your body weight because some studies have shown that children who are obese from a young age often have a shorter height than those who are overweight. The child has a reasonable weight. This is because body weight inhibits bone growth, making bones not grow well, thereby affecting height growth.


Stay away from stimulants

Stimulants such as alcohol, tobacco … are all agents that adversely affect our health as well as cause negative effects on our bones. According to some studies, regular smoking is one of the causes of brittle bones, reduced bone density as well as a number of diseases related to bones and joints such as joint pain, osteoporosis, etc. If you are looking to improve your body height, pay attention to stay away from these stimulants

Avoid eating too much salt

To be able to increase height at the age of 15 effectively, you need to pay attention to avoid eating too salty because when eating salty, the amount of calcium in the body will be excreted through the excretory system. This inadvertently affects bone growth and makes your height grow more slowly. In addition, eating too much salt is also the cause of some harmful effects on health as well as increasing the risk of heart attack, high blood pressure, stroke, etc.

Provide vitamin C to the body

Vitamin C is a natural antioxidant and antihistamine that plays an important role in the functioning of the child’s immune system to avoid various diseases and to help the body develop effectively. Frequent illness can inhibit height growth at the age of 15, so you need to pay attention to providing enough vitamin C for your body to help improve height quickly and effectively.

The amount of vitamin C needed by the body is obtained from fruits such as oranges, various berries, kiwi, papaya and guava. Vegetables also have some vitamin C content, such as spinach, tomatoes, potatoes, and red peppers. The content of vitamin C in fruits and vegetables varies greatly, so you should choose the right foods to provide enough vitamin C for your body.

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