Is Your Height Bothering You? It’s Time To Think About This


Often, when we have a problem, we like to focus on it until we eliminate it. It’s not until we get much older – sometimes in our 40s or even 50s that we realize we wasted far too much time worrying about a problem.

Are you worrying about not growing taller – and your height issue? If so, it’s possible that this “problem” could become a problem you end up feeling like you wasted too much time on later in life.

This idea probably isn’t too comforting of a thought right now, but keep reading because there is an answer here that could help you out.

The Psychological Reality Of Life

It’s not that your height issues aren’t important. They are. But after you set yourself on a course to do something about them, then you can count on one thing for sure – enough other obstacles will appear in life!

That’s how life is! How will you have enough time to worry about your height issue plus all the other obstacles you have to solve?

Questions Head

The question that many people ask is this: what can I focus on now while I’m worried about my height, while I’m in the process of growing taller?

The answer is to focus on things that you already have. You already have a face filled with facial characteristics that are unique to you. Why not focus on these?

Why Learn Face Recognition If I’m Short?

This may seem a little far-fetched, but here are the facts:

1. You Equate Success With Height.

When you’re worried about your height issues, you’re worried that you won’t be successful. But success depends on leadership.

Are you going to take initiative in life or are you going to let others dictate how you feel, what you do and where you will stay in life?

2. Success Depends On The Face.

Often success in life as a leader has a lot to do with what you look like more than how tall you are. Do you have a face that reflects that of one in leadership?

Do you have a face of someone who looks like you are smart and can be successful with people? You may already have been born with the face of a leader and not even know it.

Your Height Issues Could Be Diminished By Your Leadership Potential

Yes, there actually is a face of a leader. And one California author, a face recognition expert, even wrote a book about it.

She analyzed the faces of all 44 of the U.S. Presidents and looked for what they all had in common, not expecting to find anything.

A pattern emerged and not surprisingly, the facial characteristics were those usually associated with people who are leaders.

Have you ever considered this idea? When you look to other people for advice, you must at one time or another be looking at their face, right? After all, you really aren’t looking at how tall they are!

And when they are sitting down, height never matters at all at a conference table in a Board room or at a seminar when you’re on a panel, does it?

Eyebrow Raise

So what about those facial characteristics? For example, let’s take the eyebrows. What eyebrows would you say that many leaders have?

What eyebrows make a person look like they really aren’t a leader? The answers are in the book for these questions and regarding other facial characteristics.

Thick eyebrows are associated with leaders if you really must know the answer right now.

Your Height Issues Are Less Important Than You Think

Height issues were not important to the Presidents and they are not as important as you make them out to be. They are not the root of your problems.

The book is called “The Face of a President”, and it uses face recognition technology to determine whether or not dozens of facial characteristics matter to being a President and thus a leader.

Obama Leader

You may not realize it but facial recognition experts see hundreds of characteristics on the face whereas the average person only sees about five.

Imagine what it would be like to see hundreds of characteristics on faces of everyone you meet or pass by. The author also is a memory expert and she teaches people how to remember the faces, too.

If Height Is Not Your Competitive Edge, Then What Is?

So let’s talk about a competitive edge here for a moment. Let’s say you are not exactly as tall as you could possibly want. You’re making efforts to do something about it but it’s slow.

After all, how long does it take all the extra protein you eat and extra milk you drink to make the bones grow longer? It seems like forever.

Well, what if you start becoming an expert in face recognition and you get those leadership traits down pat after reading this book?

You may even find that YOU have these leadership traits on your face so you must want to start acting like a leader.

It’s like this: Let’s say you are given a gift of a horse from a friend who couldn’t take care of it. That horse is skinny but you start feeding it and taking care of it.

Then one day you discover that your horse came from a very long line of winning racehorses. What do you do with the horse?

Wouldn’t you groom it to be a racehorse, which is what it is bred to be? Of course you would. And it would be an exciting thing to learn all about during the way.

Facial Characteristics

It’s the same thing with your face. If you have been born to be a leader, you have already been endowed with everything you need.

People will respond to you as a leader because of what you look like IN YOUR FACE. So start developing the necessary skills and start leading people!

And if you don’t have the facial characteristics, you still have another option. You can become very exceptional at observing the facial characteristics people have and the ability to memorize their faces.

This alone is a skill worth more than gold. People will value you for what you are able to do, and not even consider your height issues.

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