Lack Of Exercise Can Rob You Of Your Height

Lack Of Exercise Affects Height

Do you realize that when you were a young child, you couldn’t wait to do posture exercises?

You grabbed onto the monkey bars and hung like a monkey, then dropped to the ground. If you were curious about your body, you may have even brought your legs up to your abdomen to complete your first abdominal crunch.

Another of the posture correction exercises you did as a child was getting on the circular “circus” that had bars on it to hold onto. You grabbed those bars and someone made the circus turn faster and faster.

You felt yourself being pulled by centrifugal force to the outside of the circus and let your body stretch outwards.

As a child, you couldn’t wait to get out of the house to run and play. Moving your body was great! It felt so good, and little did you know, but the more you moved, the more you developed coordination skills that you still have today.

What Happened To The Posture Exercises You Did As A Child?

As most people age, they become burdened with responsibilities. And the first thing to go is exercise and the great feelings that go along with exercise.

You may sit at your desk 8 hours a day for work, and not be able to take too many breaks due to your workload. And this desk sitting and resulting lack of exercise can rob you of your height.

Damages Of Lack Of Exercise, Especially If You Have A Desk Job

What lack of exercise does to the body is rob it of its vitality. Muscles become weak and smaller. Their muscle tone looks as if they never had any definition at all.

Some muscles become tight and are contracted while others become weaker and are lax. The imbalance starts to take a toll on the body.

The first month you may feel as if you are doing alright. However, each day you slump at your desk or bring your head forward to see the screen better, you are causing minute changes in the set point of your muscles, ligaments and tendons. You are readjusting them for bad posture.

Lack Of Exercise Affects Height

How Much Height Do You Lose?

Slumping is a sure way to decrease your height. You’d probably need to be a mathematician to calculate how much height you would lose by slumping, but whatever the formula is, it’s guaranteed to add up fast.

Expect at least a half inch and in some cases, up to 2 inches!

A smartie would probably take your height when you sit in your desk chair with good posture. The second height would be taken when you sit in the same chair slumped and with your head forward.

Then subtract the second number from the first number and see how much height you would lose.

Just Get Back To The Gym And Act Like A Child Again!

Simply getting back to working out at the gym can make you feel like a child again. And there are plenty of posture exercises for women and men to do at the gym.

You won’t find the monkey bars inside the gym, but rather at the kids’ playground, but there are plenty of other types of exercises to get started on.

In this case, it doesn’t matter if you are male or female. Your bad posture at work means that you will need posture correction exercises for men or women, depending on your gender.

Expand Your Chest Cavity With The Pec Fly Machine

For example, there are exercise machines called pec fly’s that will increase the size of your pectoralis or chest muscles.

That’s good, but if you’ve been slumping at your desk and not working out for several months, you will need to open up your chest area first before you work on strengthening the chest muscles.

This is because slumping causes a collapse of the chest muscles and a lengthening of the muscles in your upper back. You don’t want those upper back muscles to lengthen; you want them to get back to their original shape.

So using the pec fly muscle machine, you may be able to sit in the machine backwards and work on those muscles first. Do a few sets before you do any sets of the pectoralis muscle exercises.

Gyms have a variety of exercise tools available now, more than ever. There are exercise balls, rubber bands, half dome balls, and sometimes even long dowels.

Use The Big Exercise Balls

When lack of exercise has caused you to slump at work, then you may want to sit on the floor with an exercise ball behind you. These exercise balls are the giant 3-foot tall balls.

Since your shoulders are slumping forward, you want to stretch out over the ball backwards to stretch your chest forward and your shoulders backwards. This is an exercise that will feel good to your back when you start exercising again.

Hold the position for 20 to 30 seconds. And take some deep breaths while you hold the position to get your body used to breathing fully again.

Use A Long Dowel At The Gym Or At Home

A long dowel can be used in exercises to improve posture. Simply hold the dowel with hands on it shoulder width as if you were going to press it up into the air. Then squeeze your shoulder blades together and twist gently from side to side.

Make posture exercises a priority in your life if you haven’t been exercising. These exercises will rejuvenate you and help you regain the height you have lost, while pumping up your body with pain-killing and ecstasy-like endorphins that make you feel the best you’ve felt in awhile.

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