How important & effective are stretching exercises to increase height?


How important can exercises to increase height be? Well, let us tell you that they play a very important part to increase your height because this is one major factor that stimulates the production of the growth hormones. Height exercises have been proven to add extra inches to your height and the reason behind this theory is because the gravity holds our body to the earth, this compresses the spine bones and joints of the body altogether by 2-3 inches. Dailyexercises to increase height will allow your body to permanetly & proportionally gain those extra inches of height forever !

Being tall in height is something that everyone dreams of because this is what shows confidence & a better personality and thus others would like to rely on you. This is often seen at your work place, or at school if you notice well. There is no reason why you should not gain extra height and the one of the most proved techniques to use are our exercises to increase height

There is a notion that after puberty, it is not possible to increase height but the right height stretches, height tips & exercises to increase height done properly on a daily basis can indeed create a big noticeable difference. Here are some stretching exercises to increase height effectively by Get Taller Fast:

The pull ups

Pull-ups are the most popular amongst the exercises to increase height. Though it might take some time for you to notice the profound results of pull up exercises, it is indeed very effective and will add about 2-3 inches to your height with time.

Pull ups force you to lift your own body-weight and put a force downwards against the gravity. Pull-ups are one of the best strength & height increase exercises you can do for your upper-body. Set yourself below the bar you intend to use to pull your body up. A standard pull up bar will usually be at a height that requires you to jump up and grasp the bar. You are now ready to do the exercise. In fact, what you would normally do is grasp the bar and immediately move into the upward phase of the exercise and down again.

The cat stretch

The Cat Stretch is one of the exercises to increase height that will teach you to initiate movement from the center and to coordinate your movement and breath. The alignment of your center depends on the positioning of your pelvis. Therefore, think of your hip positioning as the center of each pose. This is important because your spine is the most significant line of energy in every pose and because the way your spine elongates from your center depends solely on which way your pelvis is turning. Learn how to perform the Cat Pose in this section.

STEP 1: Start on your hands and knees. Position your hands directly beneath your shoulders and your knees directly beneath the hips. Have your fingers fully spread with the middle fingers pointing straight ahead. Make your back horizontal and flat. Gaze at the floor. This is your “neutral” positioning. When your pelvis is in neutral, your spine will be at full extension, with both the front and back sides equally long.



STEP 2: As you wait for the inner cue, do not sag into your shoulders. Instead, create a line of energy through each arm by pressing downward into your hands and lifting upward out of your shoulders. Go back and forth like this several times to make sure you understand the movement. As you exhale, sag into your shoulders and do the incorrect action; as you inhale, lengthen the arms, lift out of the shoulders and do the correct action.



STEP 3: When you are ready to begin, breathe in deeply. As you exhale, turn your hips into Cat Tilt. Do this by gently pulling the abdominal muscles backward toward the spine, tucking the tailbone (coccyx) down and under, and gently contracting the buttocks. Press firmly downward with your hands in order to stay lifted out of the shoulders, and press the middle of your back toward the ceiling, rounding your spine upward. Curl your head inward. Gaze at the floor between your knees.

The triangle stretch

In this exercise, you build up strength in the lower back and upper legs while you remove tension from the lower and upper back, the hips and the hamstrings through both the twist and the stretching. The exercise is good for your sense of coordination and sense of balance. You need a lot of concentration and precision to be able to carry it out correctly.

STEP 1: Start with the Downward Facing Dog Pose.
STEP 2: Move your left foot forward for about 1 meter.
STEP 3: Put your left hand beside your foot and carry your weight with the lower back and on the heels of your foot in front. Raise the upper part of your body until the lower back is straight. You can recognize this by a groove in the middle of the lower back. The right foot (the one at the back) rests on the floor.
STEP 4: Stretch the leg which is in front without bending the back or twisting your body. With your back straight and your right hip stretched backward, look at a point on the ground and breathe in and out quietly. Press your left hand against the heel and twist your chest to the left. Let the twisting motion involve only your upper back while your hip, lower back, legs and head remain stationary. When you cannot twist any further, stretch your right arm upward.
STEP 5: Then twist your head to the left, look upward along your outstretched arm and stretch out your neck. When you stand well aligned in this position, it will feel light. The better you do this exercise, the bigger will be the triangle between your legs, arms and side are.

Step back towards the Downward Facing Dog Pose and repeat the exercise with your right leg in front.


According to Howtogrowtaller shared: “Swimming is the most important & effective exercise that will help you to increase height. This all-in-one exercise to increase height will provide a complete stretching to your upper & lower body and thereby, will make a very proportional growth.”


  • Height Increase
  • Builds Endurance
  • Relieves Stress
  • Muscle Strength
  • Cardio-Vascular Fitness
  • Upper & Lower Body Complete Workout
  • Relaxaion to the Mind

The hanging stretch

The Hanging Stretch is one of the most simplest and the most effective exercises to increase height you can do on a horizontal bar to increase height. Start by hanging vertically from a bar with your feet off the ground. Do this for as long as you can.

Next, put on some weights on your anckles and grab the bar so that your thumbs are touching one another and your palms are facing away from you. Let your body hang perfectly straight. Once you are hanging straight, put your head between your arms and try to squeeze your shoulder blades together.

You should start slowly with this exercise. First, hang for ten seconds and then break for ten seconds. Repeat the cycle for five to ten minutes. As your strength improves, gradually increase your time to twenty seconds with a break of no more than fifteen seconds. Make sure that you feel the stretch on your whole body.

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