Does Sugar Stunt Growth In Children?


It’s well known that genetics play the most important role in deciding your child’s adult height. We should also pay attention to your child’s nutrition. Experts have explained that your child can not grow normally without a healthy and balanced diet. So the truth is that an unbalanced diet can affect your child’s adult height instead of any certain ingredient like sugar.

How sugar affects your child’s height?

In fact, eating a lot of sugar won’t stunt your child’s growth by itself. But sugar shouldn’t take the place of a meal. Children tend to eat too much sugar and drink sugar-rich beverages. When it comes to dinner time, your child is full and eats little which will lead to malnutrition. So parents should try to keep your child away from the sugar habit. Keep your babies with tiny stomachs and fill them with nutrient-rich foods.

Please have a reasonable expectation of your child’s adult height. If she’s destined to be short, no amount of grow taller pills can transform her into an Amazon. The right thing we should do is measure her rate of growth instead of measuring her height three times a day. If your child’s growth curve flattens out, it suggests that her growth rate has slowed down. You’d better consult her pediatrician to see what issue stunt her growth.


Be careful!

Research has proved that the more sugar your child eats, the more likely childhood obesity will happen to her. So it’s wise to limit your child’s sugar intake. Give her a banlanced diet and help her do more exercises.

Other foods that can stunt growth


Some studies have shown that kids who consume more phosphorous, which is found in soda, have lower bone density. Also, when children consume the empty calories found in things like soda, they are less likely to consume the nutrients they need to grow properly. So just like junk food, soda consumption should be limited.


Surprise! While rice by itself isn’t bad for your child, a high-carbohydrate and low-protein diet slow his/her growth. If your child’s plate has more carbs than protein, this will probably be a factor to stunting his/her growth. Remember, moderation is always key. Children who have a more balanced diet with both the sufficient amount of carbohydrates AND protein are more likely to achieve their full height

Fast Food

Say goodbye to McDonalds if you’re trying to become tall and more importantly, lean. But don’t act surprised – these processed foods are full of mood altering chemicals, additives, preservatives, and various other ingredients that are all known to have a stunting effect on growth.

Food contains too much salt

Salt plays an important role for the body, but if you eat too much salt the body will excrete more calcium. But the body can not absorb all of these calcium, inadvertently causing adverse reactions. In particular, for young children, the body is very sensitive to salt, infants under 1 year old should not add salt to food every day. Therefore, you should only eat a sufficient amount of salt, do not eat too salty.

How to get height through nutrition?

Well you can help your system grow by eating food items that promote growth and minimizing the foods that stunt your growth. Just like your mother said once you were growing up which you needed to drink milk to have strong bones you should drink milk to grow to be tall too, include lots of necessary protein and amino acids in your diet because these things will allow you to grow tall. However, on the bright side it is vital which you cut out foods that may stunt your growth this consists of caffeine, alcohol and actually fatty foods.

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