The secret of massage to increase height for children


Good height is an advantage of children in the future, making it easier for children to participate in life activities as well as more favorable career orientation. There are many ways for you to promote the natural growth of children such as investing in nutrition, exercise, sleep… In this article of, we will introduce you to the massage method to increase height. stimulate bones to grow rapidly to support children to improve their height as desired.

Does massage help increase height?

Many mothers wonder how massage can help their children increase their height. In fact, the impact of massage on the body helps blood circulate better, warms up muscles, helps muscles move flexibly to stimulate growth on bones. At the same time, massage also increases metabolism, helping the body to be fully supplemented with nutrients, nourished bones will develop better. Therefore, when massage in the right way, in the right position, persistently for a long time, the bones will be stimulated to grow and lengthen, helping the child’s height increase gradually.

Massage helps children increase height by how many centimeters?

Massage is an adjunct method to promote rapid and favorable height growth. After performing the massage, the child can increase how many centimeters more depends on the child’s location, bone health, and the child’s current age. In addition, the habits of eating, exercising, and resting also greatly affect the growth ability of children. If the child applies a stable, scientific lifestyle, combined with proper massage, there will be an optimal height increase.


How to effectively increase height massage

Baby massage

For babies, mothers prepare massage oils to increase effectiveness. After placing the baby on the stomach, the mother applies the oil on her hands, gently rubs it along the sides of the spine from top to bottom and does it at the same time. Mother continued to use her thumb to press on both sides of the spine, patting from top to bottom. For the legs, she stroked gently from the buttocks to the heels, for the hands, she stroked from the shoulders down to the fingers.

Massage the soles of the feet

– The mother’s hand is clenched like a fist, placed on the soles of the child’s feet so that the fingers touch the soles of the feet.

– Move your finger clockwise about 10 times.

– Continue to use 2 hands to rub the soles of the feet, at this time 2 thumbs are placed on the soles of the feet, the remaining fingers grasp the upper part of the legs.

Gently pull from the middle of the foot to the tip of the toe about 10 times.

– Grasp the child’s heel with the right hand, use the left hand to swipe along the sole of the foot from the heel to the toe, do about 15-20 times.

– Finish the foot massage process by, using your left hand to grab the soles of your feet, gently massage with your thumb, gently press your right fingers on the calves, massage for about 60 seconds.

Knee massage

The knee is the connection point of the leg bones, which needs to be impacted to stimulate cartilage growth. There are many ways to massage the knee, you can flexibly apply it in accordance with your child’s current bone and joint condition. Among them, the simplest way is as follows:

– Let the child lie on their back, use the left hand to grasp the child’s ankle, the right hand to grasp the knee so that the thumb is on the top of the knee, the remaining fingers touch the back.

– Gently bend the knee repeatedly, each bend will gently press the knee.

– Each massage can perform 10-20 times of knee flexion on each leg.

Lower back massage

Many cases are said to be higher when massaging the lower back area, which is where large muscles called psoas are concentrated. The psoas muscle is a thick muscle deep in the abdomen that connects the lumbar spine and vertebral discs to the femur. They are responsible for keeping the body straight, allowing children to lift their legs to walk/jog or do abdominal exercises. Healthy psoas muscle helps stabilize the spine, if the psoas is constantly contracting, the muscle will start to hurt including low back pain, tailbone pain, sciatica or some disc problems.

The mother puts the baby on the stomach, then gently rubs both sides of the back in the direction from inside to outside, from top to bottom. Mother uses her fingers to create massage movements on her back in small circles, moving from the neck down to the buttocks. In addition to stimulating bone lengthening, this massage also improves spine health and strengthens back muscles. From there, children move more flexibly and adjust their posture better.


Massage to increase height for babies should pay attention to what?

– Moderate impact force, suitable for the age of the child as well as the current bone and joint condition.

– Massage should only be 1-2 times a day, each time should not exceed 15-20 minutes.

– The time of massage can be early in the morning or before going to bed, avoid massage after the child has eaten because it can stimulate stomach reflux, indigestion.

– Observe the child’s expression and should stop the massage if the child is uncomfortable or in pain.

– The movement should be decisive and slow so that the bones and joints can easily receive the impact force.

– For newborns, mothers should only massage 5-10 minutes/day and do not perform massage methods that force the baby to lie on his or her stomach when the baby can’t turn over (usually under 3 months old).

– Babies can adapt well to longer massage movements from about 6 months of age onwards.

– Remember to always wash your hands, keep them warm and soft when in contact with your baby’s skin.

– You can play a gentle, melodious song to help your child relax better.

– Pay attention to cool room temperature, not too hot or too cold, not moldy.

Should height increase massage be done daily or not?

Mothers can massage to increase height for children every day, depending on age, increase the number of massages per day. For children aged 6 months and older, mothers massage their children twice a day to enhance the effectiveness of height development. However, mothers also need to pay attention to the health of their children, in case the child is unwell, shows signs of fatigue or is sick, you should not massage your child at this time.

How long can height increase massage be effective?

In order to promote optimal height development, children need to be massaged with the correct technique, and combined with a nutritious diet, daily exercise and adequate sleep. After the massage period, children have different times of rapid and slow height change due to different bodies of children, their ability to absorb the impact of bone is also different. Normally, mothers can check the positive change in height of their children after 3 – 6 months of regular massage and healthy living habits.

In order to actively support the child’s height development, mothers can learn how to massage their babies in the ways that we have just shared. Depending on the current age of the child, the mother chooses the appropriate massage method, paying attention to combine it with diet, rest, and daily exercise to create conditions for the child to reach his or her full potential.

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