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It seems that the problem of how to look taller is more of a concern for men, rather than women. Although, this does not mean that women do not fuss over the same problem. The main difference though lies on the perception that the height of a man actually adds to his attractiveness to the opposite sex.

In fact, in some cultures, height is a determinant for the social status of men, which makes the concern for how to look taller all the more important. When it comes to ways of looking taller, we would like to concentrate on how to look taller without injections or magic pills. In fact, we would highly encourage people reading this to begin with practicing good posture.

There are so many men who don’t realize that their height is good and the problem lies on the way their carry themselves including how they sit or stand. Moreover, how to look taller is such a concern for men that they immediately associate their height with their self-confidence.

How To Look Taller Without Trying

The concepts of how to look taller without trying means not considering surgical solutions or buying increase your height supplements of TV ads or anywhere else.  It is equally important to realize that solutions on how to look taller will never deliver overnight results.

However, in an attempt to provide spur of the moment instant height needs, you may want to look at the following strategies.  If you have heard the adage “clothes make the man”, then you will definitely appreciate these how to look taller tips.


Fitting clothes

In the context of how to look taller, fitting clothes does not relate to those that look like almost a second skin.  There is prevailing line of thought that loose clothes are more comfortable than fitting ones.  Because of this, men tend to buy clothing, which are several sizes bigger than their actual size.

For those who are looking for ways on how to look taller, you must realize that such clothes fail to deliver the right accent on your body lines that will deliver a slimming effect.  Essentially, the slimmer a man looks, the taller he is perceived to be.

Monochromatic colors

The choices of the right colors in the clothes you wear have an inherent effect on your actual height based on how people perceive you.   It is important to understand that the concept of how to look taller relies on projecting an elongated image.  This can be done by using the same hues or shades in your choice of wardrobe.

The preference for monochromatic color schemes will give the effect of being taller than you actually are.  It does not matter if you use light or dark color clothes as long as you maintain the monochromatic appeal.  You must likewise choose a belt that blends into your outfit to achieve a taller look.

Dark colors work

It has been established a long time ago that dark colors like gray, black, and navy blue among others can make a person look thinner and slimmer.  Consistent with the other strategies on how to look taller, using darker shades can actually give the effect of not only becoming taller but also more dominant.  If you will notice, the corporate world has a preference for dark colors because of its dominant and powerful appeal.

The right hairstyle for you

The correct type of hairstyle will not only be trendy, but will also help your attempts on how to look taller.  Usually a hairstyle that is thin on the sides and tall on top can significantly increase your perceived height regardless whether you are alone or in a crowd.

Remember though that it is likewise equally important to choose a hairstyle that will not only make you look taller, but also would give you a flattering look.  After all, what’s the use of looking tall if your hairstyle does not fit you?

Go vertical

One of the solutions on how to look taller is to go vertical—vertical stripes that is.  Considered as one of the most popular solutions not only on looking slimmer, but how to look taller as well, it is used even by celebrities.  To maximize the effect, make sure you use chalk stripe, herringbone, or pinstripe among others.

These deliver the visual effect you need on how to look taller.  Matching jackets and pants with these patterns can deliver the benefits you want.  Be careful though about mixing these patterns because they can lead to distraction and make you look shorter instead.

Correct jacket length

Many men do not know how to shop for the right size of clothes.  As a result, they end up with a less flattering look and therefore look shorter than they are.  In order to resolve problems on how to look taller, men must realize that the right jacket length allows it to fall with the end resting where the buttocks meet your legs.

Wearing jackets that do not have the right length for you will not only be a fashion disaster but can also endanger your efforts on how to look taller.  Broader shoulders with a tapered V-shaped upper body can also contribute to the effect of making men look taller, as well as athletic.

Many fashion experts will agree that these simple adjustments on your posture, choice of hairstyle, clothing shade, and size can make a world of difference on how to look taller.  Of course, you can just continue on wishing to be taller if you think that it will work for you.  However, using these tips on how to look taller will not hurt your imagine, but rather, can even increase your social appeal.

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