Top 8 effective ways to increase height for 7-year-old children


How to make children meet the standard of height and weight is the concern of most parents with small children. The top 8 effective ways to increase height for 7-year-old children below will be extremely useful suggestions for parents with children in this age group. Let’s explore together.

Standard height at 7 years old will be an important prerequisite for children to grow up to standards when they are adults. At the age of 7, a boy with a height of 121.7cm is eligible, a girl with a height of 120.8cm is considered standard.

Parents can conduct a height check for children at home to know if the baby has reached the height standard or not. Not reaching the height standard at the age of 7, parents do not need to worry too much because the child still has the opportunity to improve his stature. Try to apply the effective ways to increase height for 7-year-old children below to help children grow taller faster.

Increase height through nutrition

The daily diet menu greatly affects the natural height growth of 7-year-old children. Scientific nutrition will help children have a 32% chance of reaching the height standard. In order for their children to grow up quickly, parents should build children a reasonable diet with a variety of foods, supplementing with 4 essential groups of substances:


  • Protein: Eggs, chicken breast, almonds, oats, yogurt, cheese, fresh milk, meat, fish…

  • Fats: Olive oil, dark chocolate, butter, cheese, chia seeds, coconut, butter

  • Starch: Rice, vermicelli, pho, vermicelli, bread, noodles…

  • Vitamins and minerals: Green vegetables, fresh fruits, seafood…

Do not feed your child in favor of 1-2 foods that parents consider good. This will cause the child to have an excess of this substance but a deficiency of another substance, adversely affecting health and natural height growth.

Increase height by exercise

Children 7 years old can participate in practicing many sports that are beneficial for height development such as swimming, football, jumping rope, jogging, swinging, cycling, yoga… These sports promote Promotes bone mineral accumulation, which not only stimulates good bone development, but also helps children have strong bones when they grow up.

Children should exercise for 30-45 minutes each day with appropriate intensity. Parents can let their children participate in sports clubs at schools and localities to both practice physical and develop necessary social skills.


Children should not be too active, exercising with too long and intensity can cause bone and joint damage and cause children to form a fear of movement. Too little exercise also does not bring the expected increase in height because it is not enough to affect mineralization and new bone formation.

Increase height by proper rest

Going to bed early and getting enough sleep every day is also an effective way to improve height for 7-year-old children . When going to bed before 10 p.m. daily, the child’s body has entered a deep sleep state from about 11 pm onwards, coinciding with the time when the pituitary gland produces the most growth hormone during the day. If the child has not slept or just started sleeping from 23h, it will adversely affect the secretion of growth hormone, and the height will grow less accordingly.

Every day, 7-year-old children need to sleep enough from 9-12 hours to both ensure good height development and benefit health and intelligence. The sleeping environment also needs attention. Neat and clean bedrooms and beds, the right temperature for the weather, and no outside light and sound affecting them, are favorable factors for children to fall asleep easily, sleep better and sleep more deeply.

During the day, children also need to rest for about 20-30 minutes at noon. This, although not directly supporting height like night sleep, will make children more focused and active in the afternoon – when children participate in physical activity.


Many parents are concerned that the sun can weaken their children’s health and development, so they absolutely do not expose their children to the sun. This inadvertently misses an effective source of vitamin D for the body. The skin has a mechanism to synthesize vitamin D on its own when exposed to sunlight.

Just 10 to 15 minutes of sunbathing daily is enough for the body to have enough vitamin D for each day. Vitamin D is extremely important in the process of bone absorption and calcium metabolism. A lack of vitamin D can adversely affect the process of bone formation, making bones weaker and easier to break because they do not absorb enough calcium.

Drink enough water

Water makes up nearly three-quarters of the human body’s volume and has many important functions. Water aids in dissolving and transporting nutrients to the body, receiving and removing excess substances and toxins through urine and perspiration, lubricating joints, and serving as a cushion for columns. living, regulating body temperature… Therefore, adding enough water is also a useful way to ensure the body’s normal functioning, to support the process of height development with good efficiency.

Children need to drink 1-1.5 liters of water every day. Filtered water is the best choice. In addition, parents can also combine with fresh fruit juice smoothies to ensure the necessary amount of water for children. Absolutely do not give children carbonated soft drinks, other bottled water to replenish water. This will adversely affect the growth of the child’s height as well as the health of the child.

Maintain a scientific living posture

Posture of daily activities such as walking, standing, lying, sitting, working wrong can be the cause of children’s underdevelopment of height. When walking, lying down, sitting in the wrong posture will adversely affect the development of the spine, changing the natural curves on the spine. This makes the body look worse and the height is several centimeters shorter than it actually is.

7-year-old children have the wrong living posture, bending forward or leaning back too much, lying down, hunched over, etc., if not supported early, can become a habit that is difficult to change. Parents should regularly observe the child’s posture in activities, guide the child to ensure that the head, neck and back are always in a straight line so that the spine develops well and the height grows to its full potential.

Choose comfortable clothes

Many parents still don’t know the link between the choice of clothes every day and the natural growth of height. Children wearing clothes that are too tight, hard materials will make it difficult for them to move, unable to run, jump or play sports to their fullest. On the other hand, clothes that are too tight damage the bone system, friction with the skin causes inflammation of the skin, hindering the circulation of blood and nutrients in the body. All of these factors are detrimental to the physical growth process.

In order for their children to grow up to the standard, parents should give priority to choosing clothes that fit their body, are spacious and comfortable, and have good elastic material so that the child can freely move and be comfortable when resting.

Ensure a positive spiritual life

In addition to nutrition and ensuring other material factors, taking care of a child’s spiritual life also has certain impacts on the physical, intellectual and personality development of the child. A child who grows up in the love and care of the family, a happy and comfortable psychological state will have the opportunity to have a larger standard height.

If a child is often scolded for no reason, beaten, or under great psychological pressure, it will lead to many consequences: anorexia or binge eating, lack of exercise, lack of sleep or poor sleep. These things will hinder the growth of height, making children shorter than their peers in adulthood.

Therefore, parents and family members need to spend time caring for, loving and caring for children so that they can grow up in love and psychological comfort. The height also grows more favorable accordingly.

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