Why People Grow Taller During Sleep?


If you feel you are too short, you’re probably racking your brains trying to think of ways to grow taller. It’s entirely possible that one of your friends who’s in the same boat as you are mentioned to you that he was taller in the morning.

What? Taller in the morning? How could that be true?

Could it really be true that you increase height in the morning and then shrink during the daytime? Haven’t you been wondering this?

The Crazy King Who Was Obsessed With Tall Men

Tall Army

Well, the fact is that men knew that they were taller in the morning for centuries. In the 1700s, there was one crazy king – King Frederick William of Prussia who decided that his army should only be made of tall men.

He commanded his men to kidnap tall men and bring them to him for enslaving them in his army.

Imagine that!

But there’s more to the story.

This crazy king was convinced that he couldn’t be successful unless his military men were tall. He rationalized it that he would save money because tall men took bigger steps and could easily climb over walls, and other such tasks.

The king even made the military men marry tall women, not short women.

Right away after this crazy king died, the men who were enslaved began deserting the army. But how would they get away when it was so obvious that they were so tall?

Well, it was at that time that these smart men – out of necessity discovered that they gained about an inch after sleeping all night long.

Identification Techniques Were Quite Bad

Height IdentificationAnd since society didn’t have any sophisticated identification technology back then, they used height as an identifiable market of who a person was.

Photography would have been in its infancy back then if it even existed at all.

If your army card said you were 6’2”, no one drew a picture of your face on the card for identification.

Name, height, and weight were about the extent of it for identification.

So these wise tall men figured that if they slept all day long as well as at night, they could increase height. Grow taller and they couldn’t be identified.

This was how they escaped. They answered their own question, does sleeping make you taller? Yes, absolutely it does.

Answer To Does Sleeping Make You Taller?

The reason why your morning height is greater than your evening height is actually a few different reasons.

1. Gravity Works Against You

Vertebral Disc

Gravitational forces are removed from your body at night. These gravitational forces will compress your bones and muscles and vertebral disks, and that’s why you’re shorter at night.

Once you remove the gravitational forces that work against the body, you’re home free and can be your tallest self. You increase height.

Female Hunchback2. Emotional Effects On Height

There are many forces – some emotional – that can affect the way we stand. For example, if you are embarrassed about something, how will you stand?

You’ll hunch your shoulders a little as if you’re trying not to be seen.

Thus, at night while you’re sleeping, this type of emotional force won’t affect you because you’re asleep. There’s nothing to be embarrassed about when you’re asleep.

3. Hydration Of The Vertebral Disks

Water Drop

Your vertebral disks drink water at night when the gravitational forces are not working against you. The more water they drink, the more they plump up.

The more they plump up, the taller you get, giving you a higher morning height. Yes, you’ll be taller in the morning.

4. Muscle Imbalances Are Evident During The Daytime

Slouched PostureImagine for a minute that your body is somewhat twisted; for example, you have a scoliosis.

Twisting of the spine will decrease the height of someone with scoliosis.

Now imagine if there wasn’t severe twisting of the spine but some muscles of the body – say the long muscles of the back were in a contracted position.

What do you think would happen to the height?

The person would shrink. It might only be an inch but nevertheless, that person would be shorter.

The same is true for other muscles of the body. If abdominal muscles are weak, height will be affected because the opposing muscles will be contracted.

Yet when the person sleeps, some of this contracture is eliminated and the person grows taller.

So that’s how it works. Now that you know the answer to the question, Does sleeping make you taller, it will get your mind revved up to start thinking of other ways to grow taller.

It will also give you some hope that you really and truly can increase height.

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