Why Positive Thinking Won’t Help You Grow Taller


We all know that positive thinking works, but there are some restrictions. If you want to grow taller, combine positive thinking with real action steps. That’s when you’ll truly get results. The following article of Get Taller Fast will help you better understand this

Positive Thinking Is Proven To Work

And if positive thinking works for so many other issues in life, why not use it for the purpose of growing taller? It works in people situations, achieving one’s dreams, and doing the impossible.

Life is full of instances where positive thinking works.


Why Not Apply Positive Thinking To Growing Taller?

When you want to grow taller, there are many people touting different solutions online and offline. That’s to be expected.

After all, whatever problem we’re facing, someone has solved it and they want to share their solution.

But sometimes the solutions for different problems are kind of worthless.

One that I’ve often seen or heard from friends about the topic of people who want to grow taller is this one: just believe you’re going to grow taller and you will. Parents love to tell kids this.

They say that if their child repeats the statement over and over again, one day the child will wake up and find that he did grow taller.

This is an example of real positive thinking. The process is that you make a positive statement, called an affirmation, and then you repeat it over and over again. You don’t do anything else, just continue saying the statement out loud.

Some People Center Their Life Around Positive Thinking

Some people get extremely excited about positive thinking and do a lot more.

They’ll post the statement – I am growing taller each and every day – for example, on a post-it or stick-umm on the mirror, on the refrigerator, in the car on the dashboard, above their bed, and on their computer.

Some even post it in the bathroom. Now, there’s nothing wrong with being positive.

Believe me, I know, because my friends think of me as one of the most positive people they know.

Positive Thinking Can Be Positive Stupidity

But the problem is that when it comes to making a huge physiological response in the body such as increasing your height, you have to do more than just use some positive thinking exercises.

For example, here’s what I mean:

• Stunted Sammy, Picky Eater

Sammy is 5’3” tall and his parents are 5’11”. He still has 4 years to grow but for some reason, seems a little stunted.

Sammy is a picky eater and literally picks at his food on the plate at meals.

He really doesn’t eat enough calories. And if Sammy continues to not eat enough calories, he won’t grow. The body needs calories to expend for the energy it takes to grow new bones.

Sammy can say all the positive thinking messages he wants until the end of time but until he eats more calories, his body is limited in growing taller. It’s that simple.

• Bobby’s Bodybuilding Program Should Be Enough

Teen Muscle Building

Bobby is 5’5” tall and wants to be 3 inches taller. He’s working out and building his body’s muscles and stays to a pretty regimented program of 5 days a week. His muscles are growing but he still wants to grow taller.

Bobby can say all the positive thinking affirmations he wants while he’s working out but his body is using the energy he consumes in calories to grow wider, not grow taller. Until he lays off some of that bodybuilding, he won’t grow taller.

• Maddie Loves Animals Too Much

Maddy is 5’6” tall and wants to be a model. She eats her fruits and vegetables and stays away from fats. She likes nuts and especially peanut butter for protein.

At an early age, Maddy visited a slaughterhouse and won’t eat any meat. She can’t help but remember the faces of the animals, locked in fear. She does her positive affirmations daily.

Well, here we have another case where positive thinking is never going to be enough to help her grow taller. You can’t grow taller unless you get enough protein in the diet and she refuses to eat any animal products at all.

Maddy can say all the positive thinking statements 24/7 and even have an endless loop of them playing on her mp3 player or other device and still it won’t be enough to help her grow taller.

Sooner or later she is going to have to address the bottom line problem: she doesn’t have enough protein in her diet so she can grow taller.

You can’t expect the body to operate without the foundation blocks it needs. You wouldn’t expect your car to run unless it had gasoline right – or would you think that positive thinking will get it working when the gas tank is on empty?

Positive thinking is good – but only when it’s combined with appropriate actions that support your goal to grow taller. Please remember this.

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