How to grow taller at 17 fast and effectively


How to increase height at the age of 17 quickly and effectively? Let’s refer to the following article to know how to grow taller at 17 years old

Balanced diet

However do take note that while protein and calcium are 2 very important substance on how to grow taller, you also need to have a well balanced all-rounded diet. You cannot just eat egg whites throughout the day, or just drink milk the entire day! You need some carbohydrate, a little fat, a lot of protein and calcium. It will be better to cook for yourself at home as having a nutritious diet really comes at a great cost! Most eateries outside put preservatives and additives to their food! You certainly do not want them for growing taller.


Hard practice every day

Scientific studies have shown that people who regularly exercise and sport have a height that stands out more than those who are sedentary. In particular, when turning 17, the joints of the cardiac muscle tend to stick together and this will prevent the height from growing.

Therefore, at this age, the exercise regimen needs to be high intensity, parents should encourage their children to exercise for at least 30 minutes a day, because having new objects can help the body metabolize nutrients better. , thereby stimulating growth hormone secreted naturally, helping to optimize bone length.

Eliminating junk food

The next step you have to do to manage your diet to grow taller is to eliminate all junks at your home that will bring you nowhere near your height goal. Food that is high in sugar and fats that has little nutritional value to help you grow taller should not be consumed. Chips, cakes, sweets, fried food, should be avoided at all costs if you want to grow taller at 17

Get enough sleep

Sleep has a huge impact on height growth because when you fall into deep sleep, your body will produce many growth hormones that help promote the rapid and effective height growth process. Staying up late and not getting enough sleep will interfere with this process and make your height grow slower. That is why you need to pay attention to sleep if you want to improve your height quickly and effectively at the age of 17.


Control your body weight

To help improve height quickly and effectively at the age of 17, as well as applying the right methods and tips to eat, exercise, and rest properly, you should also pay attention to the issue of your weight. Dear.

Some word studies have shown that adults who are obese as adults tend to have a shorter height than normal growers, because in obese people, the weight of the body put on the bones will inhibits the growth of bones, thereby adversely affecting height growth

Drink milk regularly

The supplementation of milk to increase height at the age of 17 is an important method to help you reach the standard height in a short time because this is a source of calcium, protein rich for the body to help improve the development of bones. , so please maintain the habit of drinking at least 1 glass of milk per day to improve height effectively.

Get regular sun exposure

To increase height quickly, you need to pay close attention to regular sun exposure because this is a natural source of vitamin D for the body. This is an important nutrient that helps the body to absorb calcium in the daily diet, thereby helping bones to develop and improve height quickly and effectively. If the body lacks vitamin D, calcium will not be fully absorbed but will be eliminated through the excretory system

Drink enough water every day

Adding enough water to the body not only improves digestion, assists in detoxification, helps beautify the skin, it also plays a very important role in supporting the smooth movement of bones and joints as well as helping to promote The process of increasing height is faster and more efficient.


Leg lengthening surgery

This is also one of the methods that you can think of if you want to improve your height at the age of 17. However, for me personally, I recommend you not to choose this method because they have potential risks. risks adversely affect health. So if you are planning to have leg lengthening surgery, pay attention to carefully research and choose a reputable and quality place for surgery.

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